Si on se fie au lien suivant, en moyenne il y a environ 100-200 joueurs à chaque jour qui joue à Dreadnought.

Yep, more bad news showing that the game is getting always more "dead". Us Dreadnought Partner (when that program mattered) we had an exclusive discord channel for events. Well, it has been removed. Sure it wasn't active, but it shows that the devs are closing things little by little. First, the youtube channel, now this.

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Global chat would be amaizing, what would it take to make it work?

Easy, people playing the game and chatting.

I remember a time where the chat would almost never shut up and there was a near continuous stream of discussions on it. It was actually bothersome back then.

The solution for discord is really simple, write: Dis cord. yes, write a space in the word. It works for me all the time.

As for the channel address, its the same thing, if your write "" it won't work. But it will work if you write "dis"

You quit after waiting for 5 minutes, jeez, your not patient. Sometime you miss the queue and must wait a good 10+ minutes to even enter recruit or veteran matches.

If takes more than 15 minutes to enter matches, then you probably should try lower tier matches. but 5 minutes is not a long waiting time per Dreadnought standard, its the average.

Follow this link to see how you can win the Fleet Recrutment Pack.

Post on Steam

I just used my google-fu and... youtube is free even for business.

Everyone has the option to get Youtube premium which is paying per month, but its made for viewing video add-free mainly. If your a business who just upload videos, there is no reason to pay.

I've said it before. Six Foot is saying nothing and slowly closing stuff for liability issues. From what I've heard right after the Steam Launch, a third of the staff was fired AND the devs waited that moment to get their big paycheck and leave devellopment on the game to go work on a different project.

Why would that be an issue, well, the problem is the "promise" made to buyers on the way the game is run. With the Steam release Six Foot told use there was going to be ongoing balancing of ships, optimization of the game and events. And for that reason I andmany other people have bought DLCs as we were waiting for more game modes such as Custom matchers, but if Six Foot would have pubicly declared that they were going to stop all devellopment on Dreadnought a mere two months after the Steam release, there is no way that people would have spent money.

All of the above explain the lack of communications. From saying nothing and leaving the game available to play for a year or more, Six Foot protect itself from potential legal repercussions while having a small continous stream of revenue as people continue to buy DLCs and elite status.

Lol, didn't knew that, well I guess the build can still be used in TDM and Onslaught as a secondary loadout when you know that opponents use plenty of nukes.

I have what i call my funny corvette build against nukes. On a T4-T5 corvette (either Jupiter or Akula), put Thrust Amp, Scramble Mines, Anti-Nuke Lasers, Afterburner. For the Officer Briefings either Desp Measure or Feedback Loop, Weapon 101, Engine Rigger, Get My Good Side or Engineering 101.

This build is really fun in Conquest. At the beginning of the match, rush to the closest control point and capture it, but make yourself visible to enemy dreadnought like staying on the top of the bubble, with some luck an enemy will launch a nuke on you. During the match, the build is really meant to fly fast, capture empty point and be a mild nuisance to bigger enemies. The build is usually good against lone artillery cruiser and the anti-nuke will affect plenty of enemy modules such as nuke (duh), but also bomb catapult and missiles (known bug).

Note: I use this build on PC, I have no idea if there's bug that would prevent this build to work on PS4.