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Does anyone know if the team has considered this idea yet? I'm getting throttled by squads again so I have opted to use proving grounds to earn credits.

The last official news that we got for Dreadnought from the devs date from January the 29th for the Lunar New Year XP Event. Since then there has been nearly no talk from the devs.

On the Dreadnought partner discord DN_PenguinRage (Kyle) said that he's leaving Six Foot for another company.

So in short, with the last news dating back in january and the most prominent Six Foot staff on Twitch leaving only a message instead of making a Twitch stream saying that he was proud to be part of Dreadnought while giving us some more new about the game, the best bet is that there will no longer be any devellopment about Dreadnought. The only positive things that we have heard it that the server will continue to be running, but even that information doesn't come directly from a Six Foot spokesperson.

I'm under the impression that they are not saying anything on the state of the game because the company owning Dreadnought want to keeps making money with the game via the Steam market and the in-game store. But if they were to say that they no longer are making updates to the game it would and/or have abandonned the product only leaving a skeleton crew to keep the servers running it would:

1 - greatly reduce the current and future population of the game.
2 - people that have recently bought elite status would want a justified refund of their money.

By keeping all players in the dark about the current and not so bright future of the game, they are ensuring themselves to have some entry of money even if its small and be legally protected if they have already decided to abandon the game.

A big problem with Dreadnought for us players, is that so far there is no way to run it outside the servers from Grey Box/Six Foot. It would be nice for them to share programs for the server side, but that would be the death of the development of Dreadnought from the business point of view.

From the very start Dreadnought has been a big gamble being free, with nearly no freemium and no pay-to-win options. Yes intertesting for the players but risky from a business perspective. And i'm putting its kinda failure on the lack of experience from the devs on such an endeavor. I've been playing Dreadnought for two years, starting during the open beta and I've seen the different events that the devs have made to attract the interest of the community, Like the community monthly events, double xp weekend, exclusive coatings and decals if you played during certain period. In all, they were all great, but they never sticked on a formula over a long period of time and that to me show a lack of experience.

Heck over that two year period, how many new ships have we got. The answer is easy. None. We got one or two new maps and instead of adding new game modes, they removed some (on PC, Ceres Awaken and Team Elimination) The current model of MMOs show that to survive a game need to put out new non-cosmetic content in addition to cosmetic content (I don't count hero ships for their obvious near uselessness). Without new things to play with, there is a limit on how much the players will accept to grind. I've got 2500 battes. I can only guess how those players with more than twice my battle count must feel with 10-15 fully researched T5 ships and nothing new to test for months.

On a Blud with Flaks.
27k damage Storm Missiles, Flechette Missiles, 100% Drain Pulse and Module Reboot
Desperate Measure, Destruction Cascade, Navigation Expert and Reinforced.

My favorite map/mode for this build was TDM on Ryugu Haven. At the start of the match i would get as low as possible, moving around the center of the map, get under the enemy fleet and move up killing everything in sight, ideally Art, Tacs and destroyers for easier kills. As I would rise i would in order unleash the Flechette Missiles, then the Storm Missiles, then the Drain Pulse right before the missile hits, activate Module Reboot, repeat the previous modules. Wait a little bit, Desperate Measure would activate and I would do the whole sequence again. And when I got close enough, I would switch to my Flaks and with that Destruction Cascade bonus would do insanely high damages.

Usually, I would be able to kill 4-5 enemy ships with that technique.

Pre-nerf 27k Storm Missiles and 100% drain pulse was so powerful that when a Jutland would warp beside my ship I would say to myself, neat, heres an easy kill.

The build was also great with a Vindicta replacing Navigation Expert with Engine Riggers on Loadout A and on Loadout B replacing both Navigation Expert with Engine Riggers and Module Reboot with Thrust Amplifier.

The problem with the Vindicta with my Loadout A would be that its was really hard to unleash more than 3 waves of Storm Missiles and Drain Pulse, still, the speed to get where the action was compasented the diminution in kills.

Nowadays, the build is still viable, but kills are no longer guaranteed. Usually I aim for 2 kills per suicide charge instead of the previous 4 per charge.

For those curious to see the Aegis custom skin for the Jutland and Monarch. Here are some pictures. The Aegis in addition to providing a new forecastle, hull, bridge and rear also provides a secondary forecastle with a giant medusa head for as its figurehead.

So the link posted above link to a tweet that then re-link to this site but outside of its forum that then again relink to twitter to see when the compensation will be done

I have post on the steam forum some things I have been thinking about Dreadnought financial aspect for sometimes and that i wanted to share with fellow players (and perhaps that the devs will read). Since what I want to talk about cover many subjects, I have divided my "rant" in four different threads to allow the possible discussions to be easier to adress each subjects. Here are the link below.

1-Giving free Elite status to beta players was a huge mistake.

2-More coatings and hero ships is not the solution to make money.

3-We need REAL new stuff, aka new ship class(es), game modes, maps and community events.

4-The fastest way for Sixfoot to make money, a buyable manufacturer.

Also note that a fully researched ship only need to have all of his modules and secondary weapons to be researched (unlock with xp) but not bought (with credits).

Did you thought of finding people to squad with? I mean, the community is really nice and its easy to find people to squad with. Here's three easy way to find squadmates.

After a match, ask in the chat if anyone want to squad with you.

On discord, there is an official dreadnought server and people are often willing to squad with nearly anyone. And even if you don't have a microphone to speak, you can still join groups.

I myself have made a lot of friends by watching Dreadnought streamers on Twitch and asking if I could squad with them. Just hop on when someone is streaming and ask if you can squad with them. A lot will say yes.

In the end, there's only one thing that matter in my opinion and that's if your not whining too much and can hold yourself people won't mind play with you again. And if you're good, well, then people will seek to squad with you. Heck I've made some online friendship that way.

Third bonus xp event so far and hopefully far from the last!

Here's what happened.

Armor pulse (45%) + Slow and Steady (10%) + Engineering 101 (6.5%) = 61.5% damage reduction = total damage will be 38.5%

So 20,000 x 38.5% = 7,700 damage

As for the tech clip, the first thing to know is that the module shown isn't necessarily of the same tier as the own from the tech tree you are looking at. For exemple, regardless of ships and tier, when you look at Flechette Missiles, the clip will always show an Aion using it. As for the plasma from the clip its Plasma Ram IV (25,000 damage) equipped on a Vigo (check the 30,000 hp) used against an opponent that has Engineering 101 (6.5% damage reduction).

Thus 25,000 x 93.5% = 23,375 damage.

I have no idea why its 23,374 instead of 23,375 in the clip.