Here's a simple image i made to see which ships grant which OBs with a short description. Enjoy

Officer Briefings

When you are in the Furia tech tree make sure that:

1 - you also bought with credits the 8 modules.
2 - that you can claim the Fulgora by spending the required amount of XP and then by clicking on its image.
3 - then after claiming the Fulgora, you will be able to spend xp to be able to claim the Virtus once you buy all eight modules.

Remember that you must always claim ships in order from left to right in the "purchase modules to unlock higher tier ships" place of a ship tech tree.

If this doesnt solve your problem contact game support, not through the forum but through the game, see the starting menu of the hangar.

Note: the captain progressions that requires you to fully research ships of a particular tier only require you to research all modules, not buy them. Thus to have 5 fuly researched T4s, you will need to research (with Xp) all 29-30 modules on five ships but you would still only need to spend credits on 17 module on each ships to unlock their next tier.

Vindicator#5138 posted (#post-227382) said:

Corvettes with desperate measures must go away - restrict this officer training to artillery cruisers only.

Yeah sure, lets limit desperate measure to the one class of ship that benefit the least from it. And while were at it, lets limits its use to once per game and only in battles where your battle bonus isn't active.

Here's why in my opinion corvettes appears to be OP.

A good corvette player will be an opportunist killer. A lone corvette regardless of its module selection stand few chances against a fully loaded dreadnought and this is why they rarely go against such ships. A good corvette pilot will take the time to choose his targets, going against solitary artillery cruiser that are often shooting and zooming and thus unable to see what's coming on their sides or behind. Same goes against a tactical cruiser or destroyer that has its energy depleted, another juicy target for a fully loaded corvette and easy to reach thanks to their speed.

Most other ships must take time to get close to their opponent and when you see your enemy coming onto you, have the time to shoot back, even if you die, the encounter seems fair. But corvettes can rely on their speed to cover the distance and by choosing weak target such fights appear unfair.

The problem comes when you think that's its more just to die after a long fight at equals arms rather than lose because the opponent was at the good place at the good moment when you where weak. How many time have you done that yourself, shooting at a weakened opponent, killing him and thinking that's what he deserved?

Like I said above, I made the list in an hour to provide a quick visual guide. Ideally, my dream would be to make a visual guide similar to these below that I found somewhere in the forum a long time ago (don't remember original poster). There visual guide are way more interesting showing exact numbers for all effect.




Okay, took me a good hour to do so, but i just made a grid showing which T3/T4 ships grant which Officer Briefings and a short description of each of them.

The Grid

Also here's some suggestion for you as a general guideline when you reach Veteran and begin the process of getting all OBs. First aim for all for all Obs that are granted by T3s ships. OBs in veteran and legendary battles make a huge difference and are a must for any ships.

So start by getting Feedback Loop, Get My Good Side, Slow and Steady and Reinforced.

Once you have those, the next great OBs are Desperate Measures (which is OP in suicide charge builds), Retaliator (mostly for Dreads), Module Amper (to boost big damage modules such as Nukes and heavy torpedeos and can augment the damage/healing of pods and mines) and Engine Rigger (for your corvette and Vindicta).

frankly, before even aiming to play in legendary, your aim should be to unlock at least half of the OBs.

I have found plenty of players to play the game with simply by asking streamers on Twitch. Just ask to squad and most of the time people will say yes.

Also check here for the official dreadnought discord.

If we forget about the XP aspect and coating/decal/skins provided by the different hero ships, here's how I evaluate which one of the hero ship is the best. By comparing them to the normal ship about what exclusive modules and secondary weapons are available. Simply put, the best hero ship is the one who has the most modules and secondary weapon that are not available to ship from the same tier/manufacturer/class.

With the above argument, only 3 of the tiers 2 hero ships have a selection of modules that differ from the available load out of their tier/class counterpart. Those ships are the Old Morningstar, the PCF Morningstar and the Silesia. The three other hero ships can be made by their non exclusive counterpart and thus offer no tactical advantage. Now, the exclusive choice of module can make the ship hard to pilot, but in my opinion, it is that difference that can provide an advantage by surprising opponents with things normally not available in recruit matches. Now, here's each ship and how they differ from the norm, from the less different to the more different.

PCF Morningstar: Heavy Flaks, Plasma Broadside, Heavy Torpedo, Anti-Missile Lasers, Warp Jump.

The PCF Morningstar possess two exclusive loadout making it the less different from the bunch. The Flaks can provide a great surprise against targets such as corvettes and destroyers that get really close and the Heavy Torpedo provide a different type of nuke to the ship that has a faster reload time but shorter range but that can be compensated with a good warp.

Old Morningstar: Heavy Flaks, Scattergun Broadside, Flechettes Missiles, Tractor Beam, Warp Jump.

Similar to the PCF Morningstar, the Old Morningstar can surprise opponents that get really close with his Heavy Flaks and Scattergun Broadside. However with both its secondary weapon and modules having short range require a good use of the warp jump. The tractor beam can offer a great surprise against opponent since the Old Morningstar in recruit that has this module.

PCF Silesia: Machine Gun Turrets, Rapid Fire mode, Drain Missile, Disruptor Pulse, Armor Amp

The best hero ship in my opinion is the PCF Silesia, since it offers a completely different loadout in contrast to the Furia. The Machine Gun Turrets make a great addition to the ship by allowing a constant stream of fires by alternating between the 1st and 2nd weapon reload time. With energy to weapon, the rapid fire mode can destroy nearly any ships except for Navs, is never expected and unlike siege mode, doesn't drain energy nor stops movement. The drain missile combined with the rapid fire mode can make a guaranteed kill or alternatively is great to just harass opponents. The disruptor pulse will surprise any ships, especially dovers, that get to close to the Silesia. And finally the Armor Amp, despite lasting only 2 seconds offer a 95% damage reduction against anything, thus allowing the Silesia to keep its energy against nuke and missile volleys.

You know what would be super cool devs. To have a day of free xp conversion for all fully upgraded and hero ships to commemorate the steam launch for all of us players that have been playing the beta.

As for how dead the forum is, when you come here use this link. It will show all the post that have been answered lately. Personaly that's the link I always use to come on the forums to see the latest topics.

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