You can also control enemy spawn locations by positioning your team. Spawn locations will always default to being as far away from the biggest group of enemy players and as close to friendlies as possible. (From my own observations.) So if you spread your team out over part of the map, the enemy team will always spawn in a set location.

My favourite was when we finally killed the enemy Koschei and my friend who plays Corvette was in the same room as me. I just said "Hide behind their team." Few seconds later their Koschei spawned behind our team and was quickly mopped up before it could get back. (Guessing no target warp yet which is a REAL grind.)

Point is if you know the mechanics and a rough idea of where your team is, you can easily manipulate spawn locations. Although this is hard to accomplish with squads of three outside of happenstance.

I think selecting a spawn location is the only real safe bet with a minimap that shows where all enemy players currently tracked by allies are.

T5 will become undead once the maintenance system is changed. (This is in the works.) Since they've announced the changes I've started focusing on unlocking T5's rather than maxing T4's in preparation. So hopefully soon!


The Devs are looking at doing Carriers but it's a long way off at the moment but something they want to do:

I love it when players use fighters etc right now. Nice little red triangles to shoot down to completely negate their damage. (Yes you can shoot down fighters, bombers and interceptors causing the ability to do nothing and start it's cooldown.) However Interceptors are broken as far as I'm concerned right now. 30k dmg? (Before +30% via Module Amp Officer Briefing.) Massive imbalance compared to the other options.

I think replacing Triad Pods with the Artillery Pod would make much more sense for a Dreadnought. More long range pew pew.

Excellent post again LMS! I heartily agree.

Also great game last night. I was healing you for a bit and I think you ended up 14-1-7 or something? That's great as a Dread (Gravis/Lorica?) for such a short game.

Proving Grounds counts as a full match because you get XP/Credits at the end so if you lose/leave you get charged.

FHaze11#6520 posted (#post-123792)

I like how you have to be the top 3 players in the game not just your team. That's almost impossible to do, it should be top 3 on the losing team only.

I 100% agree with you.

I had a game similar to that video. Four people went Corvette, I chuckled and switched to Corvette too, then two others did... Seven Corvettes and one Palos for mobile heals. Quickest game I've ever seen. I genuinely felt bad for the other team as they were raging in chat. Think we won 100-8 in less than 10 minutes.

I think the devs need to cap certain classes so you can only have two Corvettes max on a team or something. Even one can swing a battle massively.

Your post disappeared? Never mind, right now all I can tell you is that you're in danger. I brought you here to warn you.

What about?

They're watching you, Little Miss Sunshine.

Sorry dunno why but the Matrix was the first thing that came into my head and I couldn't resist a quote! smile

Tried to retrieve your first post but the page had expired. Torps can be shot down? As in by ship weapons? I know the Missile Defense module doesn't shoot them down as I get Goliath Torp'd all the time on my Jutland. Yeah, Pulse for sure is OP and Torps are pretty much unblockable when a Corvettes stealths up and drops them less than 1km away.

Edit: Original post disappeared and LMS has reposted it.

These are all great points and it's nice to see you've done your math. I agree with all of your post, especially Storm Missiles. 30k dmg before you add in "Module Amp" briefing for an additional 30% damage is a bit crazy.

I noticed you haven't mentioned Drain Missiles in your post. Are you happy with where they are at? Personally I find them too overpowering. Instantly negate a Dreads ability to tank, make a Healer have zero shields as an attack comes in etc. In another thread it was discussed about capping them at 50-60% energy drain, what are your thoughts on this?

Snib#1627 posted (#post-123322)

Hmm what? It tells you so during the match. This should help to "confirm":

edit: depending on how long you've been around, this used to be called "GUARDIAN" instead of "TACTICAL KILL". The corresponding ribbon is still called "Guardian" (because why would these devs be consistent with anything...?!).

Ahh so its a Ribbon bonus, cool. Thought it was a case of instant xp the moment they get a kill. Thanks for the info!

Going to have to keep heal beams up now even when everyone is at full hp!

As a Koschei player my Onslaught game plan goes like this. Hide behind/near the CS and spam heal it until our team takes theirs out. Then the team regroups and forces back their attack. Even if they fail to save the CS, I've bought the team several minutes where we can focus our whole team on their CS before ours respawns. Each time it respawns I buy a bit more time. For me it's essential to build up that gap in spawn times between the CS's to give us chance to nuke theirs down with an all out offensive.

Even after the change to the heal rewards I'm still usually the top player but it's closer now. (Avg 5-6k instead of 8-10k over a long fight.)