I was saying that tiers need to be removed. Even having a mix of I and II and III and IV serves only to motivate players to grind more so they can be on the other end of the unfair gameplay.

As a stopgap measure, I believe that keeping 1 tier 1 in your recruit fleet will prevent you from getting shoved into veteran matches.

@oblivion: I love your signature.

With regard to the AI, combining the vet and recruit queues (coughremovingtierscough) would be far easier to do and would do much more to fix the queue time issue (or the devs could only reduce queue time a bit but better balance differently skilled players with an ELO-type system).

So glad you are actively engaged with feedback. You guys seem like good devs. That's not a common thing these days.

Yeah, it's great to see they are reading these. But the problem seems to be that whoever is in charge of monetization is willing to destroy the game to extract money from people. I can't remember talking to a single player who said "I liked the alpha with balanced classes, but what I REALLY want is to be able to purchase an identical-but-slightly-more-powerful ship after 18 hours of grinding in matches where half the players are at a major advantage from the start because they are flying higher tier ships" Or even "I really enjoy being forced to play new classes in order to unlock the ship I actually want to play."

The tier system is a mistake that is killing an otherwise really fun and promising game.

It's not too late to revert to a class-based system of balanced ships with heavy customization options, then sell paint colors and the alternate ship models as (expensive, even) skins! I'd be happy to pay money to support the game if I liked where it was going.

WKtanks#6159 posted (#post-122212)

I also got my jutland without paying a penny in less than a 2 months of gameplay without elite status, so stop complaining people.

...Personally, I'm not going to play a ship I hate like the Dola for 2 months to unlock the Koschei.

Yeah, the Alpha was really fun and the Discord would have 50+ people on playing together. Then the tier system and maintenance etc. happened and most of us quit or only play rarely. Right now the game feels like it was designed to be a Skinner box, not to be fun. And it's not even a very good Skinner box, because it relies on players being so frustrated that they spend money. I was thinking about getting back into it, got some ships to Tier 2, then realized how many hours I would have to play in a ship I hate (or $$$ I'd have to pay) to get the Koschei to heal in vet games and decided to stop.

Yeah, I used to really love alpha but I haven't been back after playing a few games with the progression system. What a shame - I completely agree with you Adavanter. I wish they would have gone with the Overwatch model instead of WoT.

Also, I'm mildly amused that after 6 months gone, 20% of the threads on the front page are still "corvettes are OP! / "corvettes aren't that hard to counter if you're good!" Some things never change.

It's in all our interests that Dreadnought makes money. Here is a cohesive scheme to do that without alienating much of the playerbase and their wallets.

  1. Remove the tier system entirely. Seal-clubbing isn't fun for beginners OR experts. Sell the cool re-skins as cosmetics for ~$5-$20 instead. They are really cool, not just recolors! People would be glad to buy them at this price point if other F2P games like League of Legends / DOTA2 are any indication.

  2. Go back to a linear progression system. Sell a boost to XP/Credits like you are doing now. Start with 1 ship of each class. Spread the ships out so you don't unlock more than 1 per level. This is a much less frustrating way of encouraging players to try out new classes - people will WANT to play with their shiny new toys when they unlock them, not feel like they HAVE to before they can have fun.

  3. Sell paint colors for $1-$2 each that players can use on any ship. If players just want to buy a color for a particular ship, sell it for $.50. Require these to purchased with premium currency. This worked well in Mechwarrior Online (MWO).

  4. Sell ship patterns, prows, etc. for $.50-$5 depending on how cool they are. Require these to purchased with premium currency. If you want, make one set of cosmetic items (symbols/sprays/stickers?) unlockable only by reaching certain levels or getting certain achievements to get new players into cosmetics.

  5. Sell extra ship bays for ~$.50-$2 each. Players could still only bring 5 ships to each battle, but let them keep configurations saved that they can easily swap into their active fleet. Again, this worked well in MWO.

OR, the nuclear option(!):

1. Charge $40 for the game, drastically speed up progression / remove elite time, and make cosmetics slowly unlockable with in-game currency or unlockable immediately with premium currency. Overwatch uses this system and I was more than happy to pay for it knowing I'd be playing for fun instead of to grind.

I think the detailed justifications for each of these suggestions have all been made before (or others can go into more detail in the comments). Please, devs, help us help you and make Dreadnought something we want to spend money on.

Personally I stopped playing after they went to a tier system. Can't convince friends to play a few games with me if they are just going to get destroyed by high level players.

I loved this game in Alpha but I refuse to grind just so I can seal club until all the new players quit. I share all of linkcrono's concerns and really hope the devs will remove the tier system in favor of a focus on making money from cosmetics or an initial purchase price for the game. This game as it currently stands will die in open beta.

Aw man, I remember the glory days in the Alpha when there would be 40+ people on discord. I miss playing with damnusername and his OP dreadnought nuke + warps. I've mostly stopped playing the game as it stands currently. Thanks for putting this together Corran, i hope the devs listen.