So we won match and one guy had like 10/0 stats so wanted to say that he "carried" us and i got this funny "#############" text instead. So I tried few times to type it again and finally i managed to write it down like this:

He c ... a .. rr... i e. d. us."

Then I got 1 day mute for violating rules.

Thx Gey Box be 100% sure I will never pay anything.







Just... no comment.... do something with this filters... most ppl in chat just spam #############


I have played this game for few years and i have never seen one person hacking.

It would be pointless anyways since there is almost no hit scan guns expect for Tac beam...... so exacly how this "aim bot" is supposed to "predict" where this turning and changing heights corvette will be in next 2 sec.? No chance. Even if someone would use it and it would predict where enemy will be IF GOES STRAITH then it is super easy to dodge by going up or down.

Big thanks for fixing flaks and Siege Mode. That was little too strong.

Still waiting to see balance changes to match making and fleets to improve new players experience.

Too many players leave after getting destroyed by old players in tier 2 ships. Just make Veteran and Legendary rewards big enough to make veteran actually play it. Right now all of them me included just wreck havoc in Recruit fleet.

It makes players quit!

Btw. is this patch so big or simply too many people download at the same time?

Yes corvettes are very VERY good against new players (akhem noobs) but good players will just farm any diving vette.

HOWEVER what will keep this game running are new players. Once they are stomped by good players with tier II vettes all around they will most likely Quit......

Fix new player experience or game is dead. Just add farm more rewards for higher tier fleets and veteran and legendary players will stop decimating new players.


-New players get stomped by old pro players with fully upgraded tier 2 ships in Recruit fleet.

-Old players want to farm as much credits as possible so they join recruit. They are discouraged by maintenance fee and generally they earn much more in Recruit.


-Add MUCH more reward for higher fleet matches BUT don't allow new players to Veteran as fast as it is now because they will join it in they're second hour of game experience and will get destroyed by tier 4 ship, to do that:

1. Put some more requirements for joining Veteran, (for example at least 3 or more tier 2 ships to join MM for Veteran),

2. Increase cost of tier 2 ships (only),

3. Move tiers for veteran up to 3-4 and leave alone Recruit at 1-2.

This way high tier players will farm with themself in Veteran, max tier players will go for legendary (because of MUCH bigger rewards) and new players will spend more time learning game with other like them in lower tiers because they will be unable to join Veteran as fast as it is now and get discouraged from playing further.

As you can see no good players who use this forum play without turtling XD

Sure u can inv me. I like to play (sometimes) super aggressive desro or vette... but after medium vette nerf I am really bad with later.

But still turtling with artillery seems to me to be best strategy to get most wins.

Removing vettes isn't good at all.

I think that we simply have too many CCs in game and almost no way to counter any.

Normal corvettes are ok for me I can easily solo any bad vette player in my Nox but I have no chance vs Target Warp + Disruptor pulse. What can I do? I have guns and some energy but he have drain torpedoes and i have only guns ....


0 ways to defend

Same with purge

Same with disruptor/weapon breaker


You have to lock on your target. Then it hit 99% of times unless it is warping vette.

btw. Plasma have lower cooldown 6 sec. and ballistic have 10 sec. cooldown.

So if on top of that Plasma deal more damage as Snib said it is much better.

But I guess it is not like that.

In Poland it would be weird if you graduated having only 23 years.

I am ending my second year on university now and I am 21. (or not because Dreadnought)

Hi there!

New website looks great.

I hope now we (ppl on forum posting bugs, ideas, BALANCE ideas) will get little more attention from Dreadnought Team smile There is ton of players touching upon really important and needed topics but we rarely see devs posting anything expect for "Hi I am Mike..." reply threads :C

And he|| is still baned word because who know why.