Thanks, person who hasn't played in half a year. It's really refreshing to hear input from those that haven't touched the game in months, yet seem to think anyone cares to hear their opinion.

If you like Dreadnoughts, Stasis Pulse is your best friend. It works both defensively and offensively (stasis a ship before it can dive behind cover). The class most susceptible to Corvettes is the arty. The other ship lines shouldn't have much trouble defending against Corvettes if you see them coming.

edit: Per Tacs...try Tesla Pods for hands-off defense, or Purge Beams if you want to annoy the shít out of your opponents.

Short answer, no. Long answer, definitely no...because experienced players are able to shut them down relatively easily. The catch is of course experience. The primary reason corvettes seem OP is because coming from Rookie, where many of the counters don't exist, people only begin to learn about them when they're T3 and up. The most obvious counters are stasis debuffs and the anti-corvette Palos/Harwich line. Further counters are more along the lines of situational awareness, team coop, etc. There are still the occasional OP corvette threads, but for the most part they aren't as much of an issue as you gain experience, the modules you need, and also as you team up with other experienced captains.

DazeyDream#8834 posted (#post-161677)

Im not saying nerf the vind, just lower its top speed and raise its health or damage, to make it less of a corvette and more of a destroyer.

You just described the Vigo. It's fine to have overlap in the ship lines.

Grats on going off the rails in record time.

This post is dumb, your generalization of Europeans is dumb, and you really need to re-focus your energy elsewhere.

It's always a chore responding to your barely cohesive posts, lest another thread gets locked. A legitimate response to your...we'll be gracious and call them "observations", would probably warrant an immediate lock. As it were, I'll just respond with my own observation. I'm going to venture a guess that you aren't remotely a creative type. If you are, you're free to dispute this, but then I'd feel bad for your employer.

Details in concept designs not needing a reason has nothing to do with your rambling response. You added two and two and got donkey. You originally posited some nonsense about unused abilities or balancing issues because of details added to ship designs. The response was that the added details were for fun and an added layer of depth, not secretly shelved abilities.

Everything else you responded with isn't even worth a retort.

Shazbot1#1608 posted (#post-152404)

ever messed with 3d modeling software? i have. once you get past certain steps it can be very time consuming to fix or change things. unless you can tell me why these ships have claws and hanger bays and runways that do nothing, im sticking with my opinion.

Modeling off a concept design doesn't NEED a reason. Concept designers add flair and details that may or may not be used beyond aesthetics. That you're suggesting some clandestine reasoning is really amusing.

And no, it's not terribly hard to revise geometries, unless you were dumb enough to model a ship entirely as one mesh. No one does that. But I could be wrong. You're the one who's "messed with 3d modeling software".

Anyone can use them. You don't need to start a new account.

Enterprise_NC1701#2026 posted (#post-151569)

New hero ship

ANOTHER Akula Vector dreadnought hero? While there are still a couple ship lines without hero/skins?

...I'm ok with this!