Flashpoint Torpedo Salvo still only 1200 range, need to update them to 3000. Patch notes said "All Torpedo Salvo ranges have been standardized to 3000m". Saddly I know the response will proably just be adding the word nuclear to the description of them though.

I am not a fan of increase in price and exp for modules to make the ships take less exp and cost nothing to unlock.
For exmaple, previously it would have cost exatly 100k credits to unlock the Blud from Dola(because you wouldnt waste credits on bad tier 3 modules because you want those juicy thier 4 modules), now it would cost 137k credits. I recomend you all lower the exp requirements and credit cost of all the modules by 27% to bring them back down to atleast comparable to how they were prior to 1.10 or reduce the required number of modules by 1 per tier than it is now so tier 3 ships would require 3 less modules to progress to tier 4 than currently.

Dont force the modules to unlock in a particular order if you want us to be able to pick and choose; if we wanted to get jump drive for the Dola we still have to unlock module reboot and energy generator before we unlock the module we wanted to begin with.

We do NOT want more grind.

My Vindicta had every module fully researched prior to 1.10 and now it no longer has weapon booster missile researched?

Could you please remove that rediculous "HOT" icon from the market and perhaps not place the market as the landing screen when you get in game.

3000m range flashpoint torpedo salvos?!!!! HYPE!

I like most of these changes, glad to see missile going to be able to keep up/outrun corvettes finally.

Could you also add a 5 sec arming time to nuclear mine? To prevent self damage as soon as it is deployed and to allow targets the chance to react to it being deployed since people are using it in conjunction with emergency evac and blast pulse for instant burst.

SinisterPink#1544 posted (#post-123070)

I liked everything about this update except for the proving grounds. Feels like a redundant game mode. You play it a few times for the achievement but once you do that, why play it again?

The game play there is identical to pvp except pvp is more fun. AI unintuitive and no challenge.

Proving grounds is setup for you try out new ships or modules and learn how they function before rolling into pvp with them. It is meant as a trail area.

Aekif123#5425 posted (#post-122736)

The "Warp Into Battle" task in career progression never updates =/

That task should better read "Complete the Tutorial"

When playing destroyers I tend to die more from my own modules than enemy players. Is it intended for Goliath torpedoes to collide with your own ship and do full damage shortly after firing them? Same with storm missiles if you launch them at targets below you.

Very glad to see the audio fixes most of all. I was wondering why medium dreads main guns sounded so annoying if they were passing by you within what felt like 4000 units.

Glad to see ballista getting buffed. I stopped playing it shortly after unlocking it because I had no desire to farm it with how terrible its main weapon was compared to light and medium cruisers.

Also good to see destroyer jump drive fix, had to be extra careful when using it to not end up in the middle of enemy fleet. will also be nice to not have people abusing it with nuke torpedoes

Has anyone else experienced this sound bug?

Not sure if OP is trolling or bad at math.

Looks like the Tier 3 Otranto now. New Athos is much sleeker.

The new graphic changes as a whole look REALLY nice.

It sounds like the audio also got tweaked(in a good way, more immersive) and you can hear weapon fire more pronounced.

I love the new pregame fleet circle as apposed to the old line.

I HATE the new black ring around the the screen when you zoom in. You already lose peripheral vision when you zoom in, dimming it is just overkill and looks really bad.

I dislike the navigators guild coating had the nice neon teal with the purple and now it is an ugly puke yellow.

Minimap is now too zoomed for my taste, prefered the old way.

New Athos looking hella fine.