This is the first of your games I've ever played. I was enjoying it, so I even got your Mercenary pack. I don't mind paying for a game if I'm having fun. I put in some good time grinding up to a ship I could play in the Veteran fleet, and was looking forward to it. Lost my first match, got disconnected from the second.

When I signed back in, I can't play my new ship?!

I've never even heard of something like this - and having bought your Mercenary pack, I have 30 days of 'Elite' status, but I have to either pay in or waste part of that time when I could be using the boost to grind my new ship toward bigger and better? What an awful turnoff.

Having calmed somewhat, I can see where needing to pay maintenance to get your ships up and running is sort of an organic part of the game, very real-world and sort of understandable. But one thing I don't want from my video games is for them to match the real world in that people with more money and more toys don't have to pay as much as the little guy. If you don't want to turn off your entire player base before you get out of Beta, one word: BALANCE.