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But... boss... None of my ships are red. smile

...really? I coulda sworn it was... smile

Well color me embarrassed. Lol. Probably was the fire from all the exploding ships at the time.. smile

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Thanks for the input Dragg, I'll definitely take what you said about the windowed border-less and give that a try before I shove it into repair mode. Though it seemed lastnight I didn't have a single problem or CTD, so I dunno if things fixed itself, or its now messing with me, haha. If it continues though, I'll try the repair and then move onto a bug fix, but you're probably right and its more than likely on my end rather than the games.

Thanks again for your input!

I was in on quite a few matches last night both with and against Draggommer, and while its a scary and potentially frustrating thing to behold, its not totally unbeatable and can be survived. You just need to be on the look out when you know either Dragg, or someone running the same build, is out there, and be ready. Im proud to say I survived twice against that red devil, so if a Filthy Casual like me can, you can too! smile

Sounds a little like Battlefield 2142.

Hey guys, Been having an issue with my game where almost every single match I get into I either get a straight CTD or an Unreal Engine CTD. Ive tried messing around with my graphics settings (all drivers are up to date and working fine), my network (thought maybe it was my ping or something), etc. I've played around 30+ rounds so far in total, I think I've -MAYBE- finished 15 rounds all the way back to the main hanger. Every other time its mid-match crash. (usually ends up being on my better matches too! lol )

I did try to ask for help over on the Unreal support site, but they just told me to take my Spaceship lovin self back over to these forums.

Do you guys have any suggests on what I could do or try further? Cause I love this game and I'd rather not give up on it because its constantly crashing.