The only scenario its not pay2win is when matches are filled with both sides all max tier max module levels. Until then, tier/module level differences create quite a wide gap. The gap is large enough that skill cannot compensate, imagine facing up against a ship that can do more damage to u per hit, take more damage plus have access to modules you may not even be able to use. Its almost akin to saying, "Yo i'm skilled with a knife" but the problem is you're up against dudes using machins guns, EVEN if he's less skilled, who u gonna place ur bets on?

I wont make assumptions, but i'm gonna make a guess (i might not be right): The whole idea of making the grinding painful is to tempt players to spend money to make it "less" painful. Some of the complaints that are made, cannot be taken away, the rationale is, if the journey is NOT painful, less players would need to spend money to elevate the "pain".

What the game company is trying to do is, finding the sweet spot, between too painful a journey which might push players to quit altogether and too painless a journey which would result in nobody needing to spend anything.

Honestly, i hope i'm wrong, but i rarely am. lol!

This game is dead if they dont fix matchmaking. The only way to make them change things, sadly, is for us to quit.

I dont have a problem with losing to higher tier ships. What i do have a problem with is, 1 side with 4 T4s 6 T3s and the other side with 1 T4 , 5 T3s and 4 T2s. This and, if T4 players wanna group queue, they should also face up against group queued T4 players, there should be no random PUB STOMPING. Other games have this imposed lmao, i dont see why we cant have it here. Its pretty obvious group queue-ers will have an advantage over randoms, devs, time to wake up. You do not want a dying population by the time/before this even gets out of BETA phase. Players dont like stupid odds in matches, its fun if its close. I dont mind losing if every game is near 50:50, thats fun, its not fun when its totally one sided. As with every game, the elitists are a minority. So, decide who u want to please, the minority or the majority of players. (This is how its gonna go down, u want to please and keep a player base of 100 players cause the other 100,000 players arent happy? or make the 100 players unhappy and please the 100,000?)

What everyone needs to realise is that there is more to this game than just picking a ship and attacking the nearest target u see. Dread and destroyer are slow ships, unless ur skillful with blink drive, u will probably be dead or have 10 percent hp by the time u reach the sniper ship. Its not your job or the destroyer's to take out a sniper, a corvette will most likely do to the sniper ship what he did to u (without a scratch, so to speak). You will have to learn the roles of the ships, and play them to the optimum.

This game is NOT Counterstrike. Your shooting and twitch skills cannot help u overcome the Tier gap or gear gap. If ur a T2 against a T4, no matter how good u are at aiming, chances are u will die simply because he can take much more punishment and each hit does more dmg to u. (No brainer).

After playing this game for a while, i realised there is kinda a rock paper scissors thing going on, with the exception of the Furias. This ship is really totally worthless and needs plenty of developer love and buffs.

Brother Belial#4215 posted (#post-126916)

"changing a ship is not mandatory at all. setting a team with a fixed "X" value will not help balance, it will be the T4's picking off the lower T ships.

to address balance and more fair matches, each tier needs it's own division. That way you wont have "garbage tier" ships (T1 and T3)"

I think its gonna be as fair as it gets. Both sides T4s will be picking each other's lower T ships. The only reason i can think of for them to NOT balance matchmaking, is that they are banking on players spending money to "create" their own balance. I hope i'm wrong, this method rarely works, and is more likely to push away playerbase.

I suggest no changing of ships in battle. Each ship from tier 1 - 4 will have a value attached. Each team can only have X, however it adds up to a fixed value. It will be more fair and fun imo, rather than queue in and pray your side has more tier 4 ships, thats just silly.

If changing of ships mid battle is mandatory, i also have a suggestion. The tier value the player queued with will be the cap

for his playing ship. So ie. if he queued with a Tier 3 ship and changes to a Tier 4 ship midgame, it will be normalised to Tier 3 stats to not upset the queue balance. All his ship's arsenal will also be capped at what a Tier 3 ship can use. If he changes to a Tier 2 ship, thats his choice, and it will remain tier 2.

Updated note:

i just had another thought on top of this already pre-existing issue. If the matchmaking is bad now, wait till T4 players form groups and queue together so they ensure they are all T4 lol, if nothing is done about matchmaking, sure this group will find it fun, but everyone on the other side, the randoms with the usual 3-4 T2s will not find it very fun.

I understand the game company wants to make money. But u have to find some niche, sweet spot to make money PLUS keep your playerbase. U gonna lose money if people start quitting the game lol. This game reminds me a bit of global agenda, but please dont follow its footsteps entirely lol!