yaay, it works...well, except of that "server is down" paart


This is the only problem there is with putting tier II into fights with tier III, IV. Having more than half of people on one team tier II whereas only one in other team. When numbers of recruit fleets will be simmilar in both team, everything is fine.

In situation noone played corvettes, arties would still have lot of possible counters. Kiting and avoiding fights works only against dreadnoughts and even they might have a chance with use of missiles and warp engine. Destroyers are fast enought to keep pace. Also only Oberon arty could be effectively used to kite around and shoot from distance as other arties have limited fire arc and are way less mobile. Arty is ballanced even in situation there is no corvette in game. Basically just by correct piloting and good situation awareness any ship have chance to kill other ship, if one of those two isnt corvette (or tac cruiser, but tac cruiser have other role and when handled properly can survive until reunited with allies... again, if that other ship isnt corvette)

You are correct with reward system problems.

So, this happened (dont mind my score, was trying to figure out how to make screenshot work instead of playing).

Note: 1 team have 1 tier II player and 2 tier IV players, whereas other team have 1 tier IV and 5 tier II. In past i even had game with 4 tier II and 1 tier IV in one team and 1 tier II and 4 tier IV in other.

Problem here is NOT being tier II in higher tiered match, problem is imballance of team tiers.

possible solution: put players into teams based on their max tier (or mean of tiers) in their fleet in a way sum of those indicator for whole team was as close to even with opponent team as possible (in this instance, assuming everyone have their top tier ship, that would mean swapping 2 tier II guys from blue to red, so sum of tiers wouldnt be 20vs25 but 22vs23)

From both playing as corvette and against corvettes i would say they are totally OP. secondary weapons is joke if it even hits (and at this point i would like to shout out another thread in forums focused on aiming and how it would be possible to fix it: ) then you will make something like 10-20% HP damage to corvette and it will kill you before you reload...

As artillery cruiser (i mean artillery, not that oberon thingie, those have even worse position IMO) you need to hit him 3x with main gun (or more if he uses shield) or 2times with main gun and then with full clip of secondary. Again, aiming issues of dreadnought makes it extremely hard, almost impossible (when playing corvettes i dont even bother maneuvering, just fly straight to artillery and murder it... if he misses even once, he is dead even if he uses seondaries, because not enought time to reload...

I remember just 1 arty guy who was able to defend himself from my tier II corvette, he was tier IV arty and murdered me with well placed catapult launch. Even then, with only about 50% success rate. Note that i am horrible at piloting and in many cases i dont even bother to maneuver. Anyone decent in corvette would probably survive). Many times, even with tier II corvette in veteran match i went into group of 6 enemies, being shot at by half of them on approach, sniped their arty or tech cruiser and got away alive...

With secondaries having so low damage and corvettes having huge health pool while being able to do 15k dmg in some 4 seconds, corvettes are just too fcking OP.

From fighting against them, there are aiming issues (like with tac cruiser aiming right on corvette by crosshair and game damage effectivity indicator and beam doesnt connect and other problems) They are also quite maneuverable and fast, they outrun missiles with warp, afterburner and engine boosts etc, with their health not even auxiliary wepons like prothean autocannons help... only reliable defense against corvettes i have found so far is flying dreadnought and broadside them out of the sky...

What could be done with them is either make secondaries useful (something like double clip size, tripple damage, but then there will be issues about its ballance when used against actual ships) and/or reducing corvette HP (by 50% at least)

MysticVoid7x9#5935 posted (#post-108271)

I think the biggest problem with being bumped up is when it happens to people who don't want it and have no idea why it happens. People who may rage quit on contact with it and/or just don't have the skill required to be able to be effective vs people with higher tier ships.

Its one thing if it CAN be done, but that doesn't mean that the person who was bumped up KNOWS how to do it. Worse yet this may make people quit playing the whole game and not everyone is going to try checking the forums for info on what or why it happened. I don't know how that might effect how many people may stick around and keep playing.

As for myself I can only do somewhat well as a support healer when being dumped into a vet match. I just can't as of now do anything useful with my other tier 2 ships in a vet match. I also know that the way to block this from happening to myself again is by keeping a tier 1 in my tier 2 fleet.


Game is played simmilary in low tier and in high tier. Even in low tier people will have difficulty going 1v1 or trying to destroy ship that is being healed and will be forced to focus fire and switch target if necessary.

If someone ragequit because of being pushed into tier III match without trying, well, there is a good chance he will ragequit anyway because of his poor performance in his own tier. If someone lack skills, he lack those skills even in recruit match and will be at the bottom of team in both cases, only he will have somewhat relevant excuses in high tier game...

Also as i have seen several times, keeping tier I ship in your recruit fleet wont prevent you getting into veteran match (have seen several times guys with tier I there, presumably as default ship, switching to tier II one before match)

... and PLEASE fix that quotation system, its annoying to separate quoted message by 3 empty rows, 1 row with only 1 dot in it, then 5 more empty row and still get main message inserter into quotation.. :/

DN_EmptyTuxedo#3505 posted [(#post-107298)]

There are two factors that determine the Matchmaking in Dreadnought:

- your fleet rating and

- your skill level


Out of pure curiosity, what system is used to determine skill level? Because as i see my matchmaking it looks like opponents are picked based on profile level (which is based only on time spent playing and doesnt represent actual players skill)

Hello, today I had 5 of those in a row... Honestly, there is no problem. Dread and desty can do quite OK when focusing fire with other allies, artilery cruiser is great even without support, you can easily snipe tier IV ships with tier II arty (if you have Oberon one it will be a LOT harder but you can still murder them with bomb catapult). And corvette being corvette can just go into whole enemy team and murder any kind of artillery they got before being killed by whole enemy team. And if you happen to find 2 or 3 arty cruisers without any other teammate around? Jackpot! 2-3 kills and mostly without dying in process! smile

Piloting and teamwork is more important than tier here... well, until you have match where 1 team have 1 tier II and 4 tier IV and other have 1 tier IV and and 4 tier II, then its inballanced matchmaking (actually had one game like that. But only once teams were so inballanced) smile


contracts are worthless right now and most of them are completed easily in 1 match. Would love to see contracts for reasonable ammounts (10000-30000) and would take few hours to complete. And even contracts at some milestone would be nice. Ecample: once i had contract on 3000 (cumulative) points from onslaught battles for 1200 coins, easily done in 2 games (had some 2900 after first game)... I would prefer it to be 3000 points in single onslaught battle for something like 12000. That would require some serious effort to achieve 3k points and completing it would be actually rewarding