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i have noticed this too i am sure they will fix it eventually. but for now I think they won't display it because they may be constantly tweaking it because BETA.


hopefully they will change that eventually (like in Planetside where at frst there was almost no info on weapons and then they implemented detailed numeric info on all stats on different conditions for all weapons, even with graph of efficiency falloff)

But honestly, they might give us more numeric info even now. They might change its values, they will change it, but ballance tweaks will be (hopefully) done even after full release.

So after a while, curious about veteran matchmaking i bought ship and went into veteran.

1st game, 4 kills 7 asists no death, score around 1200, victory. By far not the best performance around. Reward? 700 coin...

So i went back into my recruit hangar and went on some games as 700 coins for that performance still felt like not enought... Same game type, same type of ship and i went for some extra horribad performance, aiming on simmilar score... Well, first try, 1300 score sh*tton of deaths, lost, got 1700 coins. Next try, 1200 points, victory, more than 2000 coins. OK, make it even worse...1100 score, K/D under 1, lost, still some 1400 coins, double what victory on vet gave me...

So now tell me... is there any reason why not to prefer recruit matchup (beside more ship/modules choice) when a) you dont have to pay maintenance for lost match (should've be based on ship deaths and be paid for both victories and loses IMO) and b) it gives much more coins for simmilar score?

Or is there some hidden variable that result in almost no coin reward in veteran match if you have only 1 ship in rolster?

Another thing i am wondring about are those command thingies. as i understand it (and as it was in alpha) there were several differend commands that could be used. Where to unlock them? Havent found it on tech tree and only one is available on each category.

Generally there is not enought info provided, for example comparsion of ships only based on 3 bars with no numeric representation is really REALLY insufficient... Optimal range of weaponry? range of, say, 50% efficiency? Hitpoints? Speed? Turn rate? Damage? Reload speed? Rate of fire? Damage reduction? Ideally both in normal state and boosted... and ideally also projectile speed for both weapons and abilities

5 matches, 1 reward, many server issues

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People say its still beta so its fine but the reality is its not, i have played through many a beta and the point of beta is to iron out minor bugs as there should not be any game stopper bugs in a beta, i would expect it in an alpha but not beta.

I really want to like this game and from what i have seen i do but my experience with it so far has not been a good one.

Well... yesterday it was OK... lets hope they will fix that soon (or return to last version), because its really great game (when working) smile

sooo... hotfix should have fixed some server stability issues...

In last 4 days i was playing i had only minor problems, today, about 20 tries to get a match, 17 of them was cancelled by server, 1 gave no reward, 1 was fine and last one server crash after game finished (again, no reward)

Seems like hotfix didnt fixed server, on the contrary, problems that i never encountered before occurs. Problems so severe i had 3 matches in 2 hours despite i try to be constantly in game and have to restart client after almost every match... And as there is no "remember password" option, I now regret i didnt use weaker password :/

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Ah, the ol days of when everyone had little to no clue as to what we were doing. XD

And yes, I agree on the Tiered ships. I've taken out morningstars and other similar ships with the tier II corvet.

So its do-able, but just need to play smart.

Meh, i have still no clue what im doing... Had like 5 matches in whole alpha (because of waiting time smile ) and then didnt participated in closed beta. So im new around. And if i can do it, everyone can. No excuses smile

guys, its beta... be glad you are not forced to wait until proper match is ready as it might be simmilar waiting times as in alpha access (5-30 minutes)...

Had several games where many in our teams and conciderable less in opponent team was tier II in veteran match. Have lost some of them, have won some of them... and at several occasions i murdered tier IV ship with my tier II. And had there been tier V, i would try to murder it too. Its challenging, yet not impossible and it seems that piloting and strategy matters more than tier in this game.

I suppose matchmaking will get better with more people involved. It always happens as my experiences with open beta vs release version goes.

Servers are online? Trying to join whole day and it still gives me server unavailable...