When are maintenance costs going to be addressed?

When tiered matchmaking came out the complaint was a flat rate of 600 credits per loss was too much. You then promised to lower this cost by scaling maintenance costs to ship tiers in our fleets. However, this "fix" to lower costs actually significantly increased maintenance costs above the flat 600 credit rate in almost all cases. Apart from fixing the "bug" that would weight the first ship in the fleet more heavily than the rest, which we used to actually lower maintenance costs like the scaling was supposed to do, the devs have been dodging any further questions about maintenance.

The silence is telling. Please confirm if the maintenance scaling is bugged and is supposed to be scaled down from 600 credits max instead of up from 600 credits as was promised in December here:

Failure to address my questions will confirm what I already suspect: maintenance was never meant to be lowered. The silence on the matter is because the devs don't want to say they're hoping we'll forget about their overt cash grab. I will go ahead and uninstall dreadnought if the devs don't address maintenance.

Theobald = dev shill. Check his post history for yourself. Ignore and move on people.

I run with repair drones to top off my health when under fire, energy generator with adrenaline shot and retaliator means I can keep my shields up and health topped off for a long time. Add in slow and steady and module amper for extra survivability. I can easily tank a dread for a long time with no support.

However, the players that know how to deal with a potato are really good at making me useless the entire match. DPS doesn't kill a group of healers usually, but drain pulse/missile, disruptor pulse/missile, rams, assault blink warp and well placed nukes do. Stop me from being able to use my modules and use something that does large amounts of instant damage and my potato dies pretty fast.

I don't believe the devs are ever going to want to get rid of mixed tier matchmaking. However, removing veteran and replacing it with two fleets might help with some complaints.

Recruit: T1-T2

Intermediate: T2-T3

Advanced: T3-T4

Legendary: T4-T5

With this there should be a strict mm rule of only matching players up against other players who que with the same fleet. Nobody likes queuing with their recruit fleet and being thrown into veteran. Nobody, well, except for the one dev who gets to control how mm works.

This would fix these complaints:

-bringing recruit fleet and being thrown in with veteran fleets

-T3 feeling weak. It would be top tier in intermeduate fleets

-large power gap between T2 and T4

Thanks for the info!

What about desperate measures and retaliator? How low does your health need to be for desperate measures to activate? Does it only work once per life? If not, how much cool down is needed before it works again?

With retaliator, how exactly does it work? Does any damage to your shield take off a set amount of module cool down time, or is the cool down reduction scaled to the damage received? For example, does 1 second (or any amount of time) get removed for every 1,000 hp damage received, or does 1 hp damage remove say 10 seconds of module cool down with an internal cool down time before working again?

At least allow us to swap loadouts on all ships in the pre-game lobby. I prefer to bring shorter range modules to smaller maps and longer range modules to bigger maps if I could. Also, due to PUGs, knowing if you're going to have a dedicated healer would influence if I plan on using adrenaline shot or not.

You must be lucky, about half of my veteran games last night saw people complaining about being stuck with T3-T4 and only queing with their recruit fleet. In one game even a T5 snuck in with all of the veteran fleets. There were a couple of times where the recruit fleet only had T1 going up against T4.

How does ones elo rating play into the tier system? Do you get an elo rating per ship, all ships in a tier or per fleet?

Let's go back to the OP...

AdmrHackett#4464 posted (#post-108962)

When asking why strafing wasn't a thing in Dreadnought one of the staff mentioned that it'll slow the pace of the game

Another obvious reason there is no strafing in Dreadnought is because we're really playing a console game on the PC, and there's not enough buttons left on the controller for assigning strafing to something that doesn't require you to take a thumb off of a joystick and lose movement in other directions while strafing, which would be a bad design for the ps4 controller.

What's turtling you may ask? Basically it's what you see when people group up and camp a position popping up and down from cover constantly getting healed and gameplay slows to a crawl. The real issue here is healers, they help promote this type of gameplay by their very nature.

Why take the risk of dying to push forward when you can take cover, get healed in seconds and pop back up again? Not to mention high tier healers become so effective that it's near impossible to finish someone off when a healer can heal faster then your damage output.

This is false. I've had plenty of games with no healers where teams cluster up behind the same cover most of the game and pop up to shoot when they can. Common sense says it's a bad idea to stay in the open and get pummled by the enemy team with little to no chance of survivng. Look at modern infantry battles. People stay behind cover and pop out to shoot for a brief moment and then quickly get behind cover. Its as If you're mad at this way of thinking and want us to line up and shoot each other instead, because getting behind cover and camping at the better position is too slow paced. If anything, healers actually promote pushing and staying out of cover longer because you have less risk of dying in the open if you're backed up by healers.

My idea is a simple one. Get rid of healers altogether! That is not to say the support class should be removed though. There're different ways a support class can be implemented other than traditional healing mechanics. Tac-cruisers could instead provide buffs for the team or debuffs for the enemy. Ones that are stronger then your typical mod buffs/debuffs that last longer. They could also keep their beam type weapons that have a increasing damage over time effect.

This idea wouldn't be so bad if you were looking to add a ship class instead of replace one. You're kind of describing the command ship class from eve online, which would be a decent ship class to add to this game, provided you weren't replacing healers with it and you readjust the aoe buffs other ships already have.