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Various forms of balance within the game will be assessed once Steam launch is complete. A lot of it is already in the preparation stage. So do expect to continue to see more work being done. We appreciate the feedback and input!

Sounds interesting. I'm looking forward to this!

Like mentioned:

"Any plans when the scoring system will get fixed?"


  • "Dealing 98k damage to Command Ship on Onslaugt -> Assist."

  • "Dealing 86k damage to hostile Jutland -> Assists."

  • "Dealing 12k damage to Command Ship on Onslaught -> Captain kill"

  • "Poking a Corvette with 3k damage -> Captain kill"

  • "Delaing 50k damage to hostile Blud -> No points at all."

Looks really really heavily broken for me.

So, seriously, please fix this. Especially the Conquest mode. 500 Points for taking a Checkpoint? I'm sick of Corvettes with 4k+ score just by retaking CP after CP and beside this doing nothing. (And often cause the Team to fail/lose, just because they're on the hunt for their personal score.)

I think this system needs a pretty big overhaul. And way more accurate grant of points for stuff you're doing/you're not doing.


Wow. Had a break like many others who are tired of getting annoyed by the same stupid bugs and unbalanced ships and all the other heavy broken stuff on this game.

Finally after months, a new patch! Did the devs listen to the community?


A patch full of worthless stuff you just want us to pay you for, without getting something really worthy in return.

Just cosmetics and new skins to fill again your pockets.

Thank you for the "We don't care about you, we only care about your money" statement. Dreadnought, another Cashgrab deluxe with wasted potential. Another company destroying the gaming scene due to greed. I hate you guys, really.

You can block/delete/ban my account, it's okay. I'm out of this fu* shi*

Greybox, a pile of cr*ap.

Goodbye forever.

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Just accept my friend request in game, I'll keep you safe bb

I will smile

(After my little break of the game)

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"Pro Tip: If you're healer is under heavy fire and you are sitting in a tanky ship like a dreadnought, try to body block incoming fire. Because you know, a healer can't heal when he's dead. But if you body block the incoming fire, he will survive and is able to heal you. Problem solved!"

I love this statement as its so true. Conversely when I see double or triple koschei healing a front-line dread at range so it can rofl stomp our fleet, I body block the repair ships with my own ship so that unstoppable dreadnought quickly becomes scrap!

Well thats the other way around, but sure, why not. I think i also did thise a few times by now.

But most of the time i use this to help others. When i fly a Dread or a Destroyer and see someone is getting torn apart, i try to fly infront of him, taking the fire until he's in cover or got his shields refreshed.

Sadly no one ever did this to me. But i think it's a perfect example for Teamwork.

Oberon#9012 posted (#post-112126)

Win or loss, it's still important to realize that you are willing to take on a thankless role. People rarely notice you on your team, and "good job" is a one in a million chance.

The only time people on your team realize you're there is when they die. Then they blame you.

But despite it being a thankless role, being ignored most the time, or being noticed only to be insulted you still do it. The entire enemy team focuses you, but you are determined enough to play 100 games loss after loss with these conditions.

I think that's a feat in its own.

Thank you!

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because right now the only real counter to the Kochei is a vindicta with a ram, and i'm getting really sick of vindictas with rams being a requirement for all teams.

Sry but thats not true. Like i mentioned several times before, it's allready enough to have a Vigo (T4 Destroyer many people can fly). It's burst damage is crazy.

And what do you mean with never-ending shields? Yes i can fit a Energy Module on my Koschei and while activated i'm able to activate my shield for ~ 20 Seconds. But it has a cooldown of 60+ Seconds AND a simple Drain Torp will make me vulnerable again.

So there's no problem in balance. There is a very big and huge problem with TEAMPLAY. Because everyone is just looking for himself and not trying to keep an eye on his teammates. If a Vindicator or Vigo or a Corvette is engaging my Koschei, i would always survive if some of the Dreads or Dessis close to me would act. Because i'm able to survive the first attack. But if a Corvette is sitting right between all my teammates, firing his third salvo on me because no one of my dumb team is recognizing him, even if i write it in the Chat... well... thats what i call a big lack of Teamplay and Awareness of things happening around yourself. :-/

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It's really not that hard, unless you have a whole team making a concerted effort to keep you suppressed.

You should read that:

Oberon#9012 posted (#post-111577)

Get a fully upgraded NOX with rapid fire. Koschei can't out heal that unless he sees it coming. But you can only do it once a minute...

Because yes, i unlocked the Koschei to have a nice and easy time like all other before me. I always was envious when i saw Koschei Pilots with 5000+ Points at the end of a battle. So i thought: "When i get my Koschei, farming Credits will be easy as ... okay Forum says "he*ll" is a bad word! .. But you know what i mean.!".

Ya. On my side it's the total oppositfe. From 100 Matches i win only 2 and lose 98. Because there are always at least 1-2 people in the hostile team, controlling T4 Destroyers (Vigo &or Vindicta) and try to flank you. And the time you need to type in the chat "Attention! Enemy on the..." you're allready dead. Since those Destroyers have an insane Burst Damage Ability. And armored Koschei or not ... you can't withstand such an Attack. Is even worse than a Corvette Attack.

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I've got to admit I had a good laugh reading some of your (justifiably) angry statements!

Protect your healers, people! ;-)

"Sniff" Thank you. At least i was able to make someone laugh.

Well ... no fake post. But a lot of luck. I was able to rush right into the enemy team, without getting noticed. And in close Range, with Weapon Boost Pulse and Energy set to weapon active, the Dola can hurt a lot.

But i agree, it's still a crappy ship and really needs rebalancing. Slow ships shouldn't have low range weapons.

So i still feel with you.

1+3: are problems that are allreay known and many players hope that Devs will redeem us from maintenance. We'## have to see.

2: Not sure about this. "Skip" means, skip maintenance and head back into battle. The opposite would be to just wait until maintenance is over and you don't have to pay anything. But since this takes weeks (so .. never..) we are back at topic 1. No one likes the Maintenance.

The only think i can advise to you is to keep an T2 Ship in your Veteran fleet, while only have one additional T3 or T4 ship in there. (So in sum two ships.) This will decrease the Maintenance cost a little bit.

I was also wondering why the hangar stresses my computer that much. It's like i'm actually in a battle.

Why does this happen?