Well i wanted to get the Splinter pattern for all my ships. I assume is i buy it from the menu of a certain ship i will buy it for that ship and that ship only correct?

Well it hasn't happened since (not that i have noticed anyways). However it never was a presistent thing - it might or might have not happened about 3 times total for me. Not in a row nor in any constant manner. So closing out Dreadnought and the launcher probably wouldn't do much.

I'm 99.99% sure i got nothing from last battle and have serious doubts that i didn't get anything from at least 1 more battle before (maybe more than 1). Can anyone confirm if something like this is happening?

EDIT: Scratch that - now i'm 100% sure. I had 98 battles won before i still have that and last battle was a win. It's like it didn't even happen. -_-

Is it possible to buy a pattern as a bundle? I couldn't find such a think in the market...For example can i get the Splinter pattern for all my ships?

Well i just got the DLC and i didn't get any Trident parts new or old - that's for sure.

Yes but are they new by name only? Or are they actually new? Because what's shown on the pic looks like 100% the same to what i have.

Yeah but even if i get that isn't it just the same as what i already have? I.e. - it's pointless?

Wait,wait - the Triden from the bundle looks different? No way - it's the same no matter how you look at it. There's nothing different about it. Unless it is so small that you don't notice it. But then what's the point of having it?

Errrr...i'm sorry you are offended - i do not see which part of what i said was rude. Which ever it might have been i'm sorry you feel that way - the intention was not that for sure. But i literally didn't ask what i quoted so i just pointed that out. Sorry if it seemed i'm attacking you in some manner...

Be good.

I do know that all the decals coatings captain items, ship parts and the T3 Tac hero ship are not going to be avalable other than through those DLC.

I never asked that - i asked what is it going to happen. Because as far as i know we can not have 2 copies of the same ship. Which means i shouldn't be able to get a 2nd Trident. Which means i will pay whatever the trident bundle is amount of money for...pfff i dunno...nothing? Like Ricky Tan says at the end of Rush Hour 2 : Imagine a world where people give you money and you give them...........ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

I mean hero ships are de facto absolutelly useless aside from the cosmetics so even if i get a 2nd Trident it doesn't matter. But getting nothing in a game for IRL money feels like a scam is all. Just doesn't sit right with me. And that's lot of money among other things - stuff in this game is quite expensive for no apparent reason.