I play as a team member, I am a Level 16, I have logged 79 battles in 13 hours 29 minutes, mainly play the Destroyer because the other players pick the other ships so I play what I think the team needs. I tank damage and I turtle when necessary to recover energy. My Gora has the Ballistic Cannons, Rocket Turrets, Heavy Nuke Torp (Goliath), Disruptor Missile, Medium Autoguns, Energy Generator and the stock Officer Briefings. My score is pretty consistent between 1650 and 1875 - rare to be lower and even rarer to score higher. Yet I see other Gora pilots that score in the 2300's regularly. I think I mimic their play style pretty well - you only learn by doing and watching those that do better than yourself. Why are my scores not breaking that 2K barrier, what could I be missing?

And yes I have played the healer and scored higher, yes I've played the cruiser and scored higher but I want to get into the 2K and beyond with that destroyer, what do I need.

A lot of players use something that sends out a message in the text box that says OVER THERE. Is it indicated on the mini map in some way? Is there a flashing icon in the game I'm missing? I know the other player is indicating an enemy position or some other critical piece of intel that relates to OVER THERE but I've not seen anything in the game that draws ones attention to the spot OVER THERE.

or allow the user to determine how long it stays up before fading away.

Golden Triangle here, did you guys form a Texas Clan?

I am curious about the PUG vs Group - I've looked / searched to no avail for the ability to get a group together. Would someone please help me find the path to either joining a GROUP or enough information I can create one. We have the comms, we have the basic ships, we have the ability to overcome we just need the ability to join a game as a GROUP. If creating and joining a game as a GROUP isn't possible then it's left up to the Matchmaker to even the playing field.