Nobody is saying the opposite about Corvettes being supposed to excel at Close Range as well as nobody is saying the Opposite that Dreadnought are supposed to be Bulky and able to stand fire from multiple enemies with a correct Setup made for that.

(And let's be serious, Dreadnoughts are able to withstand enormous amount of damage because the Healing mechanics are ... specials?... in this game.)

OP isn't only talking about the Bursting Capacities from Corvettes but multiples factors including Hitbox, burst, counter mechanics ectect.

If the default Setup were at least logical, that would be less problematic.
What's the point of combining Missile Repeater with a Weapon Booster missile and a Scrambler on the "Base" Athos?

10 minutes ago, I went from 10 days left to 17 days left without doing anything.


I found the solution to my problem.
Apparently, the launcher wasn't liking my Password due to the special Character (Which is funny for me because I think it was the "£")

I changed my password, removing the culprit and it worked.

That's what I've done at the same time I created this post, expecting to know if somebody had the same problem and found a work-around.

I would be extremly sad to not be able to play on with my founder pack account :/


I have a little problem concerning the first launch of Dreadnought on STEAM.
I'm supposed to link my Steam Account and my "Grey Box / Dreadnought" Account throught the Launcher.

As asked, I'm filling the Email Address and the Password tabs with the my credentials, check the little 13+/16+ years old box.

The "Link Account" button then switch from "Grey" to "Orange".

I click on it, it's going "grey" again... And nothing happens. The button goes back to "Orange" without any Error message or Warning.

Am I missing something here?

EDIT : More Informations, My account is 4 years old and when I try to create a new one on the Steam Launcher with the same "Captain's Name" and the same Email, only the "Captain's Name" seems to be blocking the process.
Could the problem come from the Captain's Name of my account because someone else is using / created an account with the same name before I link my account?