You guys are lucky you actually managed to get into the test in the first place. Like I said, my game just alternates between not being able to launch and not being able to sign in.

Much as I would like to defend the launch of a game in Closed Beta, accessing the game is still unreasonably hard. I have been trying it on and off for two days starting from yesterday and still haven't been able to log in. First of all - the Launcher doesn't seem to Launch the game. But, you know, that's cool, I can navigate to the game directory and just try to run the correct exe file from the Binaries folder. However every single time I tried to sign in I received the message "Unable to connect to the server. Try again in a moment.". I'm not going to ask for my money back, but I do believe this is an issue that needs to be resolved. The servers are either ridiculously unstable, unprepared to handle the load of even just the Founders joining in, or something else entirely.