Dropped in to see how this game has evolved (de-evolved?) since quitting couple months ago. Seems things have not improved at 6Foot and complete demise is imminent. So sad to see what was an incredibly fun game with a mature and respectful community die such an unecessary death.

Sure hope another developer with better vision and capabilities picks up the title and revives it. Not holding my breath... but one can hope.


Maybe it's time to face the fact that the game is dead and the sixfoot has no interest in maintaining or reviving it. How are these bugs happening with no changes or updates to the game? The only reason I can think of is that they are essentially abandoning the servers and/or closing them down one by one.

It's a sad decision but I'll be uninstalling dreadnought after this post. It's been a fun year playing with you all. I'll check back from time to time to see if things change for the better. Until then, adieu!


The business decisions are one thing, but WHY did they have to screw with things that didn't need to be "fixed" like sounds?! It was perfectly fine, no one complained about it... leave it as is!! Why this new horrible sound design? It's like they made it a point to shoot themselves in the foot?


Railing on the devs isn't going to turn things around... and frankly, I doubt it was the individual devs themselves that dug the six feet hole for Six Foot. From what I can tell on reddit, the fault lies with management and their greed and inability to use player-base feedback. Seems like the writing was on the wall there for a while

Looks like the folks who ought to be fired for this clusterfck are the very same people who are making the financial decisions leading to a cashflow bleed out. I feel sorry for the team-members, both those who were laid off and the ones remaining. Nothing worse than working under management who doesn't know their heads from their as$es.

To those who worked their as$es off to make DN what is was: O7
To those in management who f'd it up for all of us: ╭∩╮(-_-)╭∩╮

This is really too bad. This was (see past-tense here) a really good game. They had an opportunity to make it great with Steam but decided it wasn't worth their effort. Will try to stay positive and hope it turns around somehow or another develop picks it up... but if not, it was tonnes of fun playing with so many of you.


Am I disappointed with the steam release? Yes.
Am I willing to be patient and trust that the devs will address the issues? Yes.
Why? Because:
a) the game was working (more or less) fine before, there's no reason why it can't / won't be returned to that state
b) the livelihoods of the DN devs depend on this. So I'm sure of all people, they are the most motivated to make it work

Let's give these guys a chance to make this work. Looking forward to playing with you all very soon.


I like this idea of a scrubber pulse on TACS. It would certainly encourage a more tactial team play style and possibly discourage healballs.

TACS pilots would need to be very aware of their distance to the team (i.e. they can't use their scrubber pulse if they get tartarused), while maintaining proximity to heal / support effectively. And by extension, being in a healball would be inviting a tartarus strike.

To address Belial's point about there having to be a "penalty" for using it... I propose a long cool-down. This will ensure that TAC pilots don't use it needlessly.

Recommend this be proposed to the devs for serious consideration.


Here I thought I was the only one experiencing this with the Oberon arties. It seems especially pronounced possibly due to turret placement on the hull, terrain occlusion, and distance to target? No other ship in the game has a 360 turret requiring that kind of precision and range to hit.

Glad the devs are looking into it.

"... how can things add up when they are these great fantastic players that just so happen to have the ABW on their corvette and those inexperienced average at best non-corvette players at the same time? What could possibly be the reason to explain this phenomenon?"

These fantastic (experienced) players know how to pick the proper ship to counter what they're seeing in the field. If ABW happens to be the ticket for winning that match, can you blame them for using it?

Perhaps finding some ways to counter those ABW vettes is something to work on? Have you considered putting disruptor pulse or stasis pulse on your vulnerable ships?

See you out there! SFH

Thanks Belial. Just tried it and it works as advertised (kind of)... If aiming at a point on the ground the mines generally go in that direction. However, the arch of the trajectories don't allow the mines to go as far as they need to go. Any ways to change the mines' trajectory on their flight? This would make them so much more versatile since "setting" mines in high up in mid-air is kind of pointless.