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Did I get this right - you start with only a Destroyer, a Tac, and an Arty? How are we supposed to get rid of artillery without a trader corvette in a tier 1 only battle?

and here I thought the game name was "Dreadnought" - more like DreadNOT.

All I can say is wow, I am disappointed. I don't even have all of my GB points back in my profile and went to go buy something and nothing works. Oh, and my friends list is still screwed up with this patch. Just looking at the game changes made and reset has made this a "I'll put it on the shelf for now" game. Wake me up when they sort out the bugs and release a tangible product.

I guess the game is dead already...

My client does not show player names or any text in chat or in game. Anyone else having same issue or should I reinstall my client?

No way of telling in game but my chat and playernames have not shown up, also most that I had on my friend list are not there and seeing them in game and post game asks to add them again. Anyone else having the same condition in their client? No word from my support ticket on this one....

No, not a sim, a true MMOG with fleets of ships playing at once in either a combat scenario (join as you like) or an objective based scenario... (hold the planet, capture the flag, etc.) but definitely more than a simple 8v8 matchup. Also, suggesting the fact of 1v1 battles for the brave.... smile

Usually when someone complains about hacking it ends up being on their end either 1.) a lack of processor and processing power, 2.) Bad / Old video card and/or drivers 3.) LPB - you gamers all know what this is. Or any combination of the above. The only hack I've seen so far is the Chinese school recruiting script kiddie in the forums, which I am sure will be cleaned up shortly....

Cannot see or chat to anyone. Shows blank for username when online or in squad. Cannot chat in MM or in game in squad, open or whisper chat.

Match making is unbalanced but worse off the fact that I have to hunt for a squad of decent people to play like a team is also problematic. Some other suggestions are. 1. A persistent environment, i.e. no more match making once in the "metaverse" so to speak. 2.) Fleet or faction concepts so like minded players can fly a like minded armada of their favorite ships. 3.) match making that is balanced... I.E. No Dread master team taking on a team of recruits or captains. base a match filter on ships or tech owned and level. 4.) reduce corvettes damage capacity. A lowly corvette should not be able to take out a dread in 3 shots... this also is much to do about the tech on the said vette too, regardless of level, multiple corvettes should be able to at best hold at bay a dreadnought.

The game gets unrealistic for new players and they either push on or get frustrated and leave. How about we turn around some of that frustration into a happy player instead?

smile Thx!