Good write up! Also good games yesterday. Yes the Tier system takes forever to unlock next tier. It also leads to the imbalances we have in game with people who have T4 hero ships will be able to progress through this grind faster than the people who don't.

I like the idea of a progression system, but i'd rather have it where all the ships are balanced, and we did not have these different tiers. I'd like a progression system based on mods to modules that change your playstyle rather than stat sticks that do not change the gameplay as i unlock new and grindy modules

Tier's in this game will make all brackets imbalanced. Healing a T4 dread as a T2 Aion when there is a T4 destroyer damaging the dread your healing. It's always a losing battle. There were games i had last night while streaming where the other team had 4 T4 Destroyers and a T4 Healer. There is no way to counter this gameplay, and as more and more people continue to play the game, these possibility will continue to happen.

Something needs to happen to hero ships before open beta/next reset. I will be using only T4 knowing what i do now. There is NO REASON not too. There is 4 in game resources... 3 that can be related to XP and 1 for actual time progression. This means that credits are worth so much more than any of the others. You progress too fast when you get 2 groups of 3 to queue up at the same time full of friends and get matched together, then destroy T1's and T2's because you can now have 4-6 T4's on your team. There is no longer any competitiveness left in this game, just who has the better, higher tier ship, and who abuses the queue system with 5 of their friends.

ONE SINGLE tier 3 ship cost 50000 credit is too high for a new player to grind out.

Or even a skillful player, the amount of credit gain is a bit too low.

Thus not many player got to the veteran fleet

The officer briefings the T4's Hero ships have are spread up across multiple T4 ships. This means that they are worth 100's of hours of gameplay =/

This is very important topic that needs to be addressed. With low populations in games is splits the audience that can test specific aspects of balancing. And it brings in other balancing issues as different game modes will have different metas. While i agree i would love more game modes. It is a great idea, Beta should be strictly for testing core mechanics, data collection, balance, and experimenting.

And i agree with Fast Queue, that is a MUST if you want to implement more than one game mode with the current population. I'm a late night gamer and i am quite tired of the 30+ min queues =[