Would anyone from Greybox care to comment? How much of the team if any are left on Dreadnought?

They cut the team this week and Sean McIntosh the community manager is no longer with the company. That and their complete silence since canceling wednsdays lifestream via tweet gives the impression they are done with this game(more or less).

3rd day in a row. I put a ticket In with support. Seems like I have to do that a lot.

This time not even counting down. It's just stuck on all zeros.

I've seen it before too but this is different. The game wasn't open and multiple restarts haven't helped.

This the second day in a row my contracts haven't updated. Is anyone else experiencing this? It's almost like this game is trying to drive me away. Contract timer counts down to zero, sets there a couple of hours and then starts counting down again. If this isn't happening to anyone else I can take a hint. Anybody?

Is there a snowballs chance this issue will ever be fixed?

Think it's been that way since I started playing.

So it's not just me. I have the same. I put in a support ticket for it.

It would probably help if you put a support ticket in as well.