no keep the matches as short as possible

cause i dont wanna play to long with A.holes who prefer to go lone wolf but playing a mmo.


what can you say about a money grab

invest as little as possible time in devellopment

milk that cow (the cow would be you the game comm)

and then tell them:

Fck You and thanks you for your money.


Totaly nothing i wanna have from your store, cause this game isnt worth 1 euro no thx.

char selection/custum ... wel is a joke almost every one looks the same,, 6 heads and 6 goody.

there are to many buggs ... fix those first before you asking momey(you must have some cohones to ask money for this crappy faulty buggy game)
U sux the funn out of this game, i mean the consept stands...but the implementation meh...just look to EvE online thats how it should be, good chat ops, maps, interactive UI, better looking ships and graffics.

you devs fummbled and droppt the ball....this game is a bust and you know it!
.....So no items thx, no money and no playerbase that will bring you profit, keep on going and see that im right.

pay me money and i point you to the direction you wanna go--- a game thats fun AND make money
but then again i could tell you and your still not gonna listen
so GL and next year its gonne be yankt from the servers anyways

So just now my quickplay button diapeared
Not only that, instead of looking around in the match with my mouse i have a fking cursor...i cant look around anymore
cant do anything ingame now

please please delete this bugg game, yank it from the servers asap
this game is even worse then Cloud Pirates(lived 18months including pre beta)

and not only for the quickbutton or the cursor ingame
blackscreens, launcher crashes, bad and laggy UI, broken buttons in UI
unbalanced ships/matchmaking, the need to klick 5 times to enter a match(no quickplay button)
and please DONT listen to the game community

so in short: A f2p/p2a/p2w/bugg riddled cash grab

have a nice day devs.........NOT

This game was already Dead On Arrival.
Devs dont care4noting....only money.

With in the next year its gonna be yankt of the servers.

Why: unbalanced gameplay/ships/matchmaking.
no decent interactive ui/map.
no possibility to chat with other players, except wen in match.
Black screens, crashing launcher, laggy, stupid buttons that dont work.
And the best thing is: ta ta da daa - dont listen to you game comm.

This game is Cloud Pirates al over again and that one didnt last for 18months(including pre beta time).

Well good luck with you money grap, i ll keep playing and hoping you C the light.

Thats what this game is/will be.

Fail concept, fail devs and a money pit.


Hi a little question is the game pay2win?

Launcher doesnt start the game...don know why?

Push the play button but nothing message or whateversmile


After starting the laucher nothing happens, i mean it checks if its updated(it is 100%).

When i klick the play dreadnought button nothing happpens.

System specks are A-ok, its the only game launcher with this kind of problem.

pls help smile