Credits have been hardcapped to 1600 per match without BB, in order to get that you need 2000 score, and get MVP. they wont increase credit gains cause it cuts into there profits, kinda how in WOT they use gold to convert EXP, same thing here but for creds instead

Needs a redo, T2 being shoved into Vet matches is going to kill are new players, They cant fight assault blink corvettes and muro dps or onager dps. they constantly bleed points in TDM and its not there fault assault blink insta kills when module amper is active on a T4 NVM a T2.

Veteran players with 100s of hours of experience shouldn't be present in fresh tier 3 player matches, there ships are kitted out to the max and ruin the fun for these players.

If its not fixed soon there will be no dreadnought in a year, itll be a graveyard like closed beta, im already starting to face the same people over and over again

Playing for 3 days, playing healer its easier to hit top of the team if your good, but its always been that way because you constantly get points for your activity.

Im getting a tad tired of the nerfs to healer point gains over the last few patches, just reward everyone for what they do and pay them accordingly, who cares who gets top? we dont have maintenance anymore.

My current average score per game is 1550 points. the highest ive ever received Post BB thus far was 1300 points in an amazing game.

That means my average score used to be higher prior BB, which in turn means i was getting more credits and exp per match.

BB isnt the issue its the slash of are point gain, 1550 per match is the average for me ATM it was higher before i started playing POST BB because of the drop in max score you can achieve.

Personally my credits and exp was nerfed at least by 30% i cant check back before i started grinding out matchs.

Many on my friends list (who haven't played) have an average score just not possible under this system.

My average games today all players were around 650-900 score. Im not an amazing player by any stretch of the imagination but thats quite the difference.

True for the lower end players you do receive more than before simply because your no longer being charged.

IDK when I get a 12-0 game woth my luck my bonus is on cool down I feel like with the meager rewards without bonus I just shouldn't try. It's extremely difficult to get games like that.

He's too cheerfully and upbeat for a grizzled war veteran, i feel like when you lose a match he'll hand you a teddy bear and a cup of hot cocoa and sing you a lullaby

If the position was entirely volunteer and every decision DN made was spoken through the council for are feedback it could work. I'm just saying they would the physical mouthpiece that we use to yell at the devs

What is your score per veteran match? Seems like with those numbers your in the top score most games.

And Before BB I received much more credits and exp, solely due to the points you receive per match being much diffrent, my T3 Otranto used to average 2000 to 2700 on a good day in score, now I receive only 1200 score if I go 12-0

Un bonused I receive on the average game 800-900 total score.

I'll do more in depth research tommorrow and pull up some of my saved results to see if I'm wrong.

Miles teg I meant using modules such as cloak pulse, and others and getting a reward for using that sort of build, I beleive you've confused Nerf healing point gain, for introduce alternative support point rewards that do not include healing.

Am I mis understanding your post?

Hear me out, with the most recent realese of the BB system and the community backlash ( the most recent backlash)

Maybe we should elect a player council and Yager could hear are concerns on new game features before there realesed.

With the track record of the realesed content missing the mark of what the community wants, maybe a player council could give direct feedback from the mass community so we receive the best product it can be.

Post your ideas, if it'll work or not.