I agree with maximmm and Tyrel.

And I add that they have always ignored all the advice, there have been users who have spent time to illustrate their ideas that would have changed the game for the better, but have been completely ignored.
They have pursued their strange and lucrative ideas, in other words they have digged the grave for themselves.

And the undersigned is one of the small lenders, I think I gave at least 100€.

I know it sounds a bit too pessimistic, but I think it would not change anything if the patch is put before or simultaneously, there will still problems of the same caliber; knowing by now the development team. Instead it would be better if we put our heart in peace.

One of the slowest development team in history (even for little fixes and changes). Maybe the budget is too low and the revenues are small... boh

It means that i will play to something else meanwhile and sporadically also Dreadnought, on the other hand, i'm a small lender besides having played for so many hours (too many).

Despite your slowness i'm still here from the start (with huge breaks clearly), it means that all in all the situation is not so disastrous.

I can only wish you good luck and good continuation.

It's really a nice idea... well... not original (look at Elite Dangerous ship kits) but cool and good!!

Anyway... as Brother Belial said "But I'll not unleash the hype train till I see the price"

Snib#1627 posted (#post-221114) said:

Seems patch v1.12.1 broke the default mode of the launcher (or rather, the game now has a check in place whether it's being launched from the official launcher).

For now you can use the launcher's cached mode to launch the game. For that you'll have to add -usecache to the launcher's launch parameters (see instructions in first post of the thread) and, since it currently cannot generate the cache file itself, you'll have to download it from here: Snib's Dreadnought Steam Launcher.cache and place it into your %TMP% folder (yes, that's a valid path, just type it in like that). Make sure your browser doesn't rename it.

The cache will remain valid until the next server maintenance, so typically the next patch. Until then I'll hopefully have an update to the launcher for you (waiting to hear from the devs whether they blocked it intentionally though).

A diploma will soon be needed xDD

Thanks anyway!

obviously, they should just give us all three in that case

Seems legit! xP

Federal Earth!

But there is a stall at 33.33% xD

Is it possible that, as my comrade Chathomme said, it is simply the Elite that does not work?

I state that I have not done calculations, I rely on my perception, hours of play and stats comparison.

Before the patch I earned 1-1.5k more in case of victory with a good score and 0.5-1k more in case of defeat but with a good score, compared to now. (I have the Elite status active)

Guys, did you even notice?

Devs, have you furtively reduced the exp gain?

Snib#1627 posted (#post-218155) said:

BIG-Sersen#7715 posted (#post-218153) said:

And if i use it without Steam (only to bypass the launcher), how can i set the language? I stumbled into a strangeness, in most of terminologies a see xXXx.

Anyway great work as always Snib

It will still do the auto-detect thing for your local language regardless. If you want to specify another language, then just create a shortcut to the launcher (right click > Create Shortcut). Now right click the shortcut and go to its properties, then in the target field just add the parameter you want at the end, so it reads something like:

"C:\Progam Files (x86)\Dreadnought\Snib's Dreadnought Steam Launcher.exe" -culture=en

With the culture=en parameter there are no more xXXx in replacing the original terminologies.

Thank you! ^_^