How many Gp did they give you to post that?

ahahahah I thought the same thing xD or it is a Dev account smile

D**n guys... in TWO MONTHS nothing changed

A new map and ship, REALLY?

It is clear that there is no longer the will or the expertise to carry on the "wagon". I looked out several times on the forum with the hope of seeing a patch that would correct least 50% of the bugs and balancing, but here we are, with NOTHING after two months.

But in one thing you are very good, you know how to kill your own creation.

And thought that once I was so excited, look at me now, broken and without a drop of hope.

Piace anche a me, ma molto presto scoprirai che non è tutto rose e fiori e che anzi ci sono dei problemi molto poco sopportabili, in primis la lentezza disumana degli sviluppatori e la loro incapacità di correggere anche i più semplici dei problemi, ovviamente ci sono tante altre chicche che noterai.

Io mi sono ritirato da una settimana e qualche giorno proprio perché sono mesi che spendono tempo aumentando i difetti invece che correggerli; facendo spendere denaro senza che il consumatore (io) possa usufruirne al meglio (ho perso orer e ore di Elite Status per i vari crash del client e server instabile).

Tornerò quando il gioco (e anche il server) saranno più stabili.

In ultimo, ti consiglio di non spendere soldi per il momento.

Ps. Ovviamente se ti fai un giro nel forum noterai che gli scleri son tanti e molti dei vecchi sostenitori sono andati via



To be precise i stopped playing already from a week (I still had seven days of Elite Status, of which clearly i have not benefited) in the hope that the issues were resolved, but it didn't happen, the issues persist. I do not know of who the problem is, if is the team of developers or the administration or both, but it is clear that the game is far from being ready for open beta, it seems to be more an alpha at the middle stage.

Considering even the bad management of communication (including intentional omission of technical and precise data), now it is the time for me to leave, or at least temporarily, this game.

I supported you with hours of gameplay (pure grind) and money, but i have clearly lost patience and confidence.

I wish a good stay to those who remain and hope (a faint hope "the leopard can not change its spots") that one day all this will fix.

LordSolarMacharius#7751 posted (#post-101401)

I'm kinda glad that I resisted the temptation to buy one of the Founder Packs. I'm sorry but just from following the forums and reading the discussions it's quite clear that the suits at these companies have no idea how to run a successful FtP game and want to do "World of Tanks in Space". I quit Wargaming's games because of their greedy business practices (e.g. forcing you to pay for Premium to not spin your wheels grinding endlessly, tiered system, excessive "maintenance" costs making you lose money even with Premium if you lose high tier matches, etc). It's sad that this game is trying to copy the worst business practices of Wargaming when they could try to be so much better.

Wise decision.

ahahahahahah TECHNICAL BETA ... ahahahahah xD

I'm sorry but... ahahah is too funny xD

Let's see how long will it take for receiving a couple of fixes, other 3 weeks or maybe 1 month this time?

Keep up the good work! (sarcasm)

In the patch that they are applying right now, there is a fix for this bug. smile

Here the patch note

  • They took too long to release new content/fix old errors. Even something as simple as a hotfix for a widespread bug would take 2 weeks, if not more. Patches were often 3-4 months apart. On open beta release, they had 4 game modes. 1.5 years later, all they added was two co-op player vs. AI modes


This factor makes me nervous and soon i'll go away, because they can not waste 2/3/4 weeks for a couple of fixes.

They said that the last wipe was performed, in fact I'm grinding as if there were no tomorrow.

obliviondoll#5677 posted (#post-97798)

Oh, hey! I got brought up in a thread about the devs not listening to feedback! I'm both surprised and honoured, thanks Spork. Also, for the most part, I agree with what Spork already said.

As for the OP, and the devpost immediately responding, I will actually start by supporting the devs a bit here. They don't often post in the general discussion area lately (although there's been a bout of activity today, thanks for that!). Most of the devposts are on the main site's "News" page, and in the news subforum:

Unfortunately, the problem I've seen is NOT a total absence of devposts at all - they've occasionally posted in throwaway "hi I love your game" threads, and usually address the IMMEDIATELY-GAME-BREAKING bug reports directly. The devs aren't totally silent even in the parts of the forum where they're usually quiet.

The actual problem with lack of response is that they aren't addressing the feedback that COUNTS. There's a poll with over 200 votes (which is actually enough to probably be statistically significant given the activity in the game). There are 2 active petitions pushing for significant changes to core elements of the game model. These topics have gone WEEKS - remaining consistently active - without any devposts. There are a lot of VERY similar threads, new players posting the same feedback as the veteran players, veteran players signing up on the forums just to voice their concerns about the direction the game has taken since progresson 2.0 was released.

Devs have not attempted to engage with players in ANY meaningful way regarding these issues. They dance around the complaints, and AVOID them instead of actually handling them. The "dev talk #2" post was the first - and only - reall attempt to address the massive issues. In that article, we got a few empty promises (it would have been unfair to call them such at the time, but it's now months later, with open beta announced as being "soon" and still no meaningful changes). More importantly, though, we were openly told that maintenance is a terrible idea. The devs explained their reasoning behind it, and that reason is an indefensible position.

Even in their own threads in the news subforum, the moment the requests for REAL information about REAL change show up, it's basically a guarantee that there will be no more devposts in the topic.

And this sums the whole problem up unfortunately well:

DN_MiguelItUp#0468 posted (#post-97681)

Dreadnought is still moving forward

The playerbase is actively and aggresively telling you that YOU'RE GOING THE WRONG WAY and many of us have already jumped ship and moved to other games because of it. Instead of addressing our concerns COMPETENTLY, and actually SOLVING THE UNDERLYING PROBLEMS, you're powering ahead and seem blissfully unaware that you're leading yourselves (and probably only yourselves, the playerbase isn't hanging around) over the edge of a cliff.

Odin#5262 posted (#post-97736)

Dreadnoughts major problem right now is that its not open to more people,matchmaker cant do wonders with "low" population by design.

Fun fact: The matchmaker had issues when progression 2.0 first released. Before 2.0, we had very few issues, short wait times, and no real trouble in this regard. The issues didn't start INSTANTLY, but rapidly became a problem as players QUIT THE GAME IN DROVES because of the new model. There USED TO BE a sufficient playerbase to support competent matchmaking. The reason the game doesn't have enough players is NOT because it's still closed beta - they've openly admitted to spamming invites out like candy on halloween. New players are showing up, leaving the same feedback the veterans already gave, and walking away for the same reason most of us did.

Going into open beta with the game as it is now will absolutely NOT save the game, or even provide a realistic "fix" to matchmaking. It will be the final blow that kills the game off for good. Player count will probably hover a little higher than it is now for the first 2 weeks - maybe a month. New players will be flowing in, seeing the complete waste of potential, and moving on, much like the majority of closed beta players have been ever since progresison 2.0 showed up.

The new players that flow through the game will NOT stick around, will NOT share the positive word of mouth that was actively being spread before progresison 2.0, and will NOT be coming back to give it another look even if it gets fixed. The majority of players will have already seen enough, made their judgement, and left disappointed.

As far as the majority of players will be concerned, and as far as the devs need to be concerned...





It isn't technically "finished" yet, but the basic feel of the game - in terms of progression as well as core gameplay mechanics - NEEDS to be in a release-ready state. Before progression 2.0, the game felt a LOT more like a release-ready game than it's been with any build since then. It was still in need of some refinement to the progression system, but it needed REFINEMENT, not scrapping the whole thing and starting over with a worse model to try and work from. It's not even just that the current implementation is bad. The core of the progression 2.0 model is a system that dies on arrival almost every time. The success stories for models like it are few and far between, while games with models more like we had before have succeeded far more often than they fail.