And if i use it without Steam (only to bypass the launcher), how can i set the language? I stumbled into a strangeness, in most of terminologies a see xXXx.

Anyway great work as always Snib

It would also mean receiving tons of negative reviews. They will step in when the game will have less bugs and will be balanced better, imo.

Jawayne#8001 posted (#post-125244)

Keep in mind that the T1 to escape veteran is esentially an exploit of the games mechanics, so I doubt they will create a big fat banner telling you to use it.

Yeah, you're right, and they know very well this exploit...

...but essentially they are not very good at correcting and/or modifying, but I understood that they have no problems in ADDING things, so why not? Why not try to bypass momentarily the problem in waiting of a good patch?

Ok, now is clear. Anyway even the 5% (and i'm sure is at least 50%) is better than nothing, right?!

Mercenary9653#7438 posted (#post-125227)

It doesn't work all the time anymore. I've now had several matches with both t1s and t4s in them. And no I don't just mean in orbit or a label glitch.

You can not put the T4s in the Recruit fleet, you're wrong, or maybe I did not understand what you mean.

It works for me, T2s with just one T1 in Recruit Fleet and i can play in Rec instance with other T2s.

I know that is hard for you to make any kind of change to the game, but do you think it is possible to put a red banner in the game that tells players to insert a T1 ship into the Recruit Fleet for play in the Recruit instance?

T2 in Veteran instance are very frustrating, pls do something!




NEW* Feronia

wake#5772 posted (#post-123240)

They heard us, yes, we don't like this system, but rather than really fix it, they are setting about tricking us into it. The question on the brain storm board is: "How much lipstick do we have to put on this maintenance pig before the players will pucker up without so much whimpering and wincing?" Or simply, "Goal of this brainstorm: Keep maintenance, lose complaining." Good dev says: "Why don't we just remove maintenance? Even without the loser tax, the rewards are low enough all around that the progression system would still be a slow crawl, just with less glass on the floor." Evil overlord says: "That's dumb, next!" One of the best evil minions says: "Why don't we use psychological trickery to retain the maintenance system but spin it so it seems like they are choosing it rather than being forced?" Evil overlord says: "Hmm... 'choice, 'sounds dangerously close to 'free will'..." Evil henchman says: "Well, I mean, if they don't pay it, they progress terribly slowly to the point of almost not progressing at all so it's not a REAL choice... like... duh, haha... it's a trick." Evil overlord says: "Haha, yes! That's perfect!"

It seems to me the devs haven't abandoned their "Sticks over Carrots" approach to monetization, they are just looking to wrap those sticks in ribbons hoping the distracting colors and smoother "feel" will let them land a few more blows before driving people away. Or better yet... increase their chances of luring in the ones who like it rough.

Bhuhahahahahahahahahahahahahahah So true xD ahahahahah

They noticed that the ship is not getting up from the ground... took 6 months... but, better late than never, right?

Now let's see how much time they will take for programming and implementation.


Storm missiles bug still ongoing?