If not, they will not see anymore even a cent from me.

It is expected the return of the hours/days of Elite Status spent uselessly because of this "issue" on the matchmaker?

You will see that the problem will vanish when all will have spent the Elite Status.

I agree.

After re-log i lost my Otranto (T3) and all my T2 ships.... REALLY?

And i don't have the items that i received with the -Bun Bun's Hangar of Horror Contest-.

Dam.n... time wasted......................

EDIT: I'm not receiving credits from the new matches...........

I think it's a lag issue... all the players are experiencing the problem, arrived with the event Operation Meltdown.

Same for me.

And the fix for modules?

U-505#1540 posted (#post-75477)

Sadly I feel like the PS4 Announcement is only to get unsuspecting players at this point, isn't that sad? Not what I said, but that that's how I'm reacting to this news based on YOUR feedback?

I thought the same thing...

I fear that now will concentrate on PS4 because they are burned on the PC side...

Maybe I should have waited a couple of weeks before to spend money. I would have to wait the web feed. My bad.

I feel as if during a cruise the captain had, on a whim, suddenly changed the preestablished route. Disappointed.

I believe that everything depends on the fact that there are just few players, and we play with different time zone.

Release many more keys and publicizing more, that's the way to fix (or the largely).

And since i'm writing, i point out that playing from Italy is quite inconvenient because of latency, i bet that the servers are far apart. I hope you also concerned about the server issue.