In the game World of Tanks, which is a similar game than Dreadnought, the match making try to give in each team the same number of platoon.
Besides, in World of Tanks, you can create a platoon with 3 players maximum and each team has 15 players, the platoon has not a really major impact on the game (contrary to the gold ammo).
On Dreadnought, on PS4, on can make a squad with 3 players and a team is composed by 5 players...

I don't understand. Where is the challenge if you are in a squad with friends and the other team has not a squad ?

I am playing in a game for challenging, not to lose because I have no squad in my team or to win because I am in a squad. So, now, I don't play Dreadnought anymore because when I am playing in a squad with others french people, I win more 75% battles, it's not very funny. The very first time, you are laughing with your team members because in onslaught, you win 3 500 versus 1 200. The second time, you laught again a little bit and after 10 battles, you don't laught because the fun is far away.

Furthermore, when you see a T3 ship without modul, no squad, against T4 full modul in a squad in a veteran match, you know the result of the battle in the major of the case.

So, if you want to play with a team in World Of Tanks, you don't play in FFA but Dreadnought is only FFA and the squad is a really major advantage.


Sur certains modules, comme sur des missiles, des torpilles, des bombes nucléaires, des fléchettes, il y a une portée maximale, je suppose, comme 5 000 (M) par exemple.
Cela sous entend il que les missiles ne peuvent être lancés que si on est à portée ou bien ils explosent dès qu'ils ont parcouru 5 000 mètres ?

J'avoue que je lance un peu tout au pif et advienne que pourra, ce qui me fait dire que la portée maximale n'est pas bloquante.

Je me posais exactement le même question et en vous lisant j'ai encore des doutes.

Par exemple, pour que le briefing fonctionne, sur des missiles, je dois :
1 ) passer la roue de l'énergie en mode attaque puis,
2 ) lancer les missiles et je repasse comme je veux sur n'importe quel mode de la roue d'énergie,


1) lancer les missiles
2) passer la roue de l'énergie en mode attaque juste avant que les missiles n'atteignent la cible (assez tendu, faut bien se coordonner)


1 ) passer la roue de l'énergie en mode attaque puis,
2 ) lancer les missiles et être toujours en mode attaque jusqu'à ce que les missiles atteignent la cible (ce qui est diffcile car ce mode ne reste pas longtemps et le temps que les missiles arrivent c'est souvent terminé).

I am a Trophy Hunter and this game is not very nice for trophy.
It's very hard to kill 2 ennemies in 1 second or 3 ennemies in 10 seconds if bot doesn't count. In veteran fleet, there are many matchs with one bot in each team. So, the possibilities to kill 3 humans in 10 seconds are insane.
I must know that PC's players are 8 vs 8 but on PS4 it's 5 vs 5. Less humans you have the possibility to kill, more difficult is the trophy.

Besides, the elimintaion mod (the third mod in the game, I don't know the name in english) is always empty. I have never make a game in this mod and there are 4 trophy on it...

However, the game isn't bad but 20% of trophies are impossible to do.

You will excuse my english, it will be more 10 years that I haven't writen in english.

I have the same problem. I kill two players not-human (Leto and Maya) with my catapult in 1 second but no trophy. Too bad.

I have the same problem on PS4, I have close the game, close the PS4 but still 0 crédits...