First of all, i want to thank you for a great game, i really enjoy it. Now, i have some problems with these new things, its logic that snipers must have more range than other ships, but its unfair that t3 snipers range being superior than t4 snipers and its unlogic too, t4 must be more powerfull than t3, i like to play with snipers and recently i get the Onager and i was exited about it but now im dissapointed because now t3 snipers has more range than t4 snipers, thats no point on it, i like the dreadnoughts rework but not the buffs of the corvettes, they are quite overpowered against snipers in speed so they can get close to snipers very easy, i undestand it, but snipers need a way to defend itselves against corvettes much better than now, because now corvettes can literraly smash snipers , and hit a corvette at large distances is the most difficult thing.