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Hello there! Thanx for the new ingame features. So, my main Q long should I wait on T5 ship to start the match, if no one else awaits it? And can it be, that I'll play T5 match with only AI ships with me?

As far as I understand it you might need at least four people to queue to get a match, if not even four people are queueing they won't start a match. So 12 AIs at most.

However this is not neccessary verified.

Thanx a lot, Jawayne. My hopes to play T5 ships, even with AI (but not in Proving Grounds matches) are crushed smile

Hello there! Thanx for the new ingame features. So, my main Q long should I wait on T5 ship to start the match, if no one else awaits it? And can it be, that I'll play T5 match with only AI ships with me?

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That being said, it's id true that new players do need a little wiggle room to become familiar with the game and it's mechanics and not frustrate them into leaving...hint, hint, WoT!

They have one. It calls "Proving grounds". A beautiful place with "soft" AI opponents, where you can easily taste all types of ships you have in the docks, different modules and how they working, and you allways win and got some credits and exp (free exp included) for your ships! For me it is amazing solution for the new players or for thouse, who just tired to do PvP. Thanx Devs for that option.

To TS. Yeah, MM must be more balanced. When I pick up Legendary fleet (T4-T5) I didnt expect to see T2 ships in both crew, but it is very often situation, that is no good for anyone in that match. Many times people says here "let it be T1-T2, T2-T3, T3-T4, T4-T5 matches in MM", perfect example to solve and save players from be frustrated, actualy.

Plus one brilliant lady Feronia in Sinley Bay shipyards.

I see. Jawayne, thnx a lot.

Hello there! My question is, where are all T5 ships? Playing on a Legendary fleeet I saw T2-T4 ships, but no one T5. I know, many captains have hight grade ships. I have no T5 on my docks now, but very soon I'll own beautiful lady "Feronia", it "special locations" or something, where only T5 playing at?

Sorry my English. Best regards, Fingercrust.

Am, hello there. Sry, but I don't get it, it is 7 pm and servers still down for me. What I'm doing wrong?

Local: Moscow, Russia.

And for the maximmm: if u r in the top 3 in itch battle, it doesn't mean, that all 8 players of your team does the same. Even healer on Kosh, sad but true.

@ CtrlAltWhee My TC is from Oberon House corp., Aion, mid subclass. What you saying about Kosh is the right thing, its passive regen of energy is awesome. I still don't have it, for now, cause of Dola... My Aions loadout is standart for all heal TC T3 and above. Amplifier, healpod, autobeams, generator. I play without team or something. I'm afraid, if I change loadout, it will downgrade my healing potential. Well I'll try to lvl up my "see everything in everywhere" skill.

Also agree, that there are many "yes" and "no" things about allies lock-on function, that I suggest, but for me, there are more of "yes".

Thanks for telling your vision of this.

The bigger kick in the face here is they will not just reimburse you for the lost Elite status. Instead you must contact them and request it. Basically they know they messed up but they want to take as much as they can from the player still and those who wont request it or simply dont check the forums will not know to request it and are losing out.

Agree with you. I'm feel confused about it too. Why just don't give for all of the players a month of Elite status for free? Fair enough.

In other things you saying, well, it is your opinion, that is argumentative by your experience and have the right to live and be heard. Such as mine.

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Just make "free look" button

I aim at ship , shoot/heal it reticle follow it but i can press another button to look around while doing that .

Best feature ever for healers as looking around is terrible while you want to keep healing people

It's look like the most easy way to do. Thumb up. But it is still bad camera angles above and in the bottom of ship, when you just didn't see your allie's ship.