Loving the update!
The extra mods at lower tiers the fact you can spec what you want for your ships from the start.

Personally like the RAM balance to stay as it is. Ive used rams and countered them.

Ive found either having a loadout with some sort of disruptor weapon or thruster boost works best for me to get away from them. Easy to dodge or run instead of fight the rammer.

Using a ram is hard. I miss a lot more then i hit. Most the time everyone notices the large glowing front of your ship and opens fire. Im lucky if i get a kill with it. Usually heavily damage someone before the team wipes you out.

Im not seen any issues yet. I might just have been lucky on that front.
1060 6GB
16GB Ram

Im liking that idea! specially the Kamikaze type ribbon. Corvettes are deadly when used properly but your right i think there needs to be a little more incentive.

Thank you for the info.

Oh and dont worry i applied for the partnership the minute i saw it hoping for some good news in the next partnership wave

Is it possible to gift either GP or a market purchase?
Im thinking of doing a giveaway on my stream and think it would be awesome to give some hopeful new recruits an incentive

Also use Star Citizen pictures as well lol

LYB-FooJub#4039 posted (#post-209482) said:

Youwannanerftacssothey can'theal? Dreads would.become obsolete lmao

Totally agree. Only time healers are annoying is when multiple healer are on one ship but you can deal with them by fleet focus firing on them one at a time. Well instead of the usual everyone picking a target each and getting nowhere.

woohoo global chat cant wait

Ive just come back to the game. Used to play it a long time ago and now loving it again. Im usually on most nights GMT (scotland) and streaming on twitch. More then welcome to join me for a few games from time to time.