Constructive criticism is achieved when criticism is given in a way that politely instructs the person being criticized on how to better accomplish the goal or task.

Their was no need to "threaten" someone e.g. shot N. Korea style.

Next time Taihou choose your words better.

I have to agree with Oberon. Truly, I do not comprehend the "Why?" on increasing the shot distance of the Akula Vector artillery? I kind of understand the reasoning behind the dynamics of the decision based on the size of ship. Yet, to already make a ship that's difficult to kill due to the size of the hitbox stronger is mind boggling.

In my opinion, it's all about situtational awareness,"Catch them before they catch you." In my builds with my Nox. I utilize modules that allow me to address multiple target(s) e.g. prox. mines, disruptor/stasis/damage beams, etc. I find these modules buy me time to out-manuever most of my enemies. If I am caught off guard, armor amp and missile disrupt "usual" allows me time to react accordingly.

Good afternoon,

I have noticed an apparant issue with shots not registering. For example, a full clip from a Nox visually hitting a target and no indication that the target is being damaged? I understand that this has been an issue for sometime, but recent increase in lack of shot registration has me worried.

Has anyone else seen and/or experienced this issue more frequently?



I have been waiting for more ship customization options for the past 2 years. I look forward to seeing the options for my Nox.

I find the proximity mine cooldown to be a little much, especially with the use of reinforced further increasing cooldown times.

Also, I was hoping for the Tac cruiser -> artillery mines to be nerfed, but I can wait until the next update.

I agree! I wish T5's had more variability vs. their T4 counter-parts.

I feel that this update will please a lot of people. Also, I love the new leaderboard stats.

I have been using the Flechettes and I have not noticed anything different in terms of speed and distance.

I agree with Lando. The Oberon AC line needs some hotter chile con papas with its' DPS. Also, I have noticed that firing speed with the Stabia delays at times e.g. repeated clicking does not initiate a firing sequence. This requires modification in mouse clicking (slower clicks) to compensate for the firing delays.