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It's beta people, this time is for us to test things. I would prefer not having to spend 3 hours in que looking for a deathmatch just so I can do what they are asking me to, god forbid you went looking for'd be there for days.

Yes, we are all aware that higher levels have the advantage in officer briefings, weapons, ship selection...the whole nine. However, realize that you goal here is to try to break their game, then report your findings so the stuff doesnt happen when it goes into the wild. Additionally, I would ask that people lay off with the "oh this game will fail unless it completely changes something i dont like". It wont. What has the potential to kill it though is that negative attitude spreading amoungst the new players in the community. Take your licks, earn your way, learn to play the game PROPERLY and with FRIENDS, then formulate a decision.

Thank You.

This is terrible, terrible, terrible advice. First impressions make or break a game. Most people decide if they want to continue to play a game or not within a few hours. Not only that, the size of the this "closed" beta isnt even that small. They gave out codes like candy at a parade on top of being able to get in with founders. It feels small because people have stopped playing in droves. That needs to be fixed.

People here obviously dont play any healer other than AIon, Anything other than the aion can kill a corvette 1v1 if played well.

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you need to be a pro to notice it.

Yeah, pro at crying XD

Is Easily the Point of view in this game. I cant tell you how many times ive died just because when i right click to aim, Even though my guns can hit said person, the Point of view zoom onto my ship. The Point of View should see through it or zoom past it to let me see freely. Every single time.

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What you paid for was a chance to beta test the game before it's available to everyone and still in early stages of development. Beta testing means there will be problems. If you are upset that the game is not 100% playable then you don't have a clear understanding what beta testing means and that is not Greybox's fault OR their problem.

Oh no im fully aware what beta test means. But read what they said in the founders pack. What they specifically say you get for paying for this item > what beta stands for. It doesnt matter if its a beta. If you dont deliver on what you say youre selling, that is a problem, beta or not. Saying its a beta does no dissolve the company of any blame. And i didnt even buy a founders pack FYI, im just tired of the bad logic that "OMG ITS BETA WAAHH" .

Oh awesome, thank you!

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I had access 2 days in advance. It might be down right now, but I still had access 2 days in advance. Entitlement with regards to betas is getting really old, but it is bound to happen with every game.

Its not an entitlement when you pay for, its an owed service. If this were a key or something you got for free, sure your logic works. But they advertised a set product and didnt deliver. Beta or not, that is a no no.

Look at the stickied posts smile