Sorry captain. An NDA is very clear.

I would love to be in this to learn to speak more german but I don't think I know enough to carry on conversation. Sad Panda :(

Viel Glück!

Can I get a 1:1 Scale Dreadnought please??? yes i said 1:1 scale...I dream really big

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imagine a sort of sky-city where you have to manouver through big buildings etc. and can hide behind stuff, that'd be awesome

mmmmmm sweet sweet dreams

I am fine with just a beta tester tag. or you know maybe an alpha if the devs were so kind to include us for that.

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Thanks for responding Drakane,

And you mean test not play haha 😉

Yeah Drakane test, not play ;D

I laughed soo hard at this.

There is a thread in general discussion where I copied down a lot of the Twitch Q&A from the chat.

I vote we call it a Toga Party!

Welcome. Glad to have you!

Welcome to the Community!