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Greetings from germany! Looks like my search for a cool game with capital spaceships finally came to an end.

The first part of your quest, The Search, has ended. Now the second part, FIGHT!, is about to start.

Welcome to The Jungle =D

You forgot one key thing first, THE WAIT...

Anyways welcome Nuka!

HEY! Don't spoil the quest!


Now we are gonna have to start a new Scavenger Hunt!!!

PS: Welcome!

Welcome to the community!!

Soo jelly!!! Glad you had a great time and got awesome loot. Welcome to the Community!

Welcome to the Community!!!

Dev Time, WOOHOO!!

Welcome StoicGoat!

Dreaming BIG, I like it. Welcome!

Welcome! Lucky you for trying it out. I am totally Jelly!

Welcome to the forums!

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Fine: let's just blow each other