Squads aside that's mostly down to luck depending on what players in the game are currently grinding.

The only thing that really needs fixing IMO is throwing all the newbies on one side and all the rank 50 on the other, even when they're not squadded.

Ska-boo#2971 posted (#post-220430) said:

Nexeroff#4718 posted (#post-220423) said:

You should check out the cost of T5 modules. =)

Not as bad tho as they are like 50% more expensive than T4 while T4 mods are 200% more expensive than T3.

Well, that's only half the story though. XP cost for T5 is all but irrelevant because of the 250% XP battle bonus, but the 90k credits for a module are a whole other story.

They already said in another thread that they'll use the same (bad) matchmaker for Steam release that they are using now. Until Steam release there is no available dev time to work on that.

Dreadnought stopped being about team play when they introduced the tiers/grind along with a scoring system that has you compete against your own team rather than the enemy. The top 3 screen just underlines that.

Welcome back!

The game you remember is now at T4 or even T5, locked behind the grind wall. Until then you'll play a limited version of it.

Let's agree to disagree that it changed for the better.

slab_of_bacon#9340 posted (#post-220487) said:

For balance's sake, do we need more spartanesque or fierce eagle/lion stickers?


But it's a known fact that red stickers make ships fly faster.


I have no idea what he's talking about. All I suggested was different or additional server locations for better latency. The Texas location gets very bad routing and thus huge latency.

Although there may be something wrong with the server code as well, I've heard from US players that even they get rubber banding not just on player ships but on the AI ships in Onslaught.

EVE's TiDi (time dilation) doesn't slow processing speed, it slows game speed to a point where available server/network resources are enough to process events. Reinforcing nodes is a separate process where a single server handles less solar systems at the same time.

Nothing of that is in any way relevant to Dreadnought. Obviously we don't want the game slowed down.

Again, EVE Online = single cluster and a game on a 1 Hz tick rate. Nothing is disitributed and client latency only has minimal relevancy. The game is no shooter, you get to lock a target and activate a weapon/ability on it once a second. Projectiles get simulated client-side and don't have to go over the network.

Dreadnought is a shooter, stuff you do has to get transmitted over the network to all other players in real time, thus latency plays a huge role.

It's not even apples and oranges, it's worlds apart. Please stop bringing it up.

Nexeroff#4718 posted (#post-220472) said:

Point is, EVE online is doing something right in this respect. Lag is very seldom if ever an issue, so however they are distributing the server load between European, Asian and American servers, works. I was suggesting that Greybox might use EVE online as a benchmark in this respect, and perhaps adapt what they learn from how EVE distributes workload over multinational servers, to their own servers.

As I said, EVE's infrastructure really has nothing at all to do with a game like Dreadnought. Have you ever even played EVE? Every EVE players should be well aware that there are no regional servers, the main selling point of EVE is the single server cluster, which is located in London, England. The challenges with that are not even remotely relevant to a lobby game like Dreadnought.