I haven't played WoT in at least two years so i didn't know sorry. To their credit they did revert that change so we can only hope Yager does the same.

How about we all just calm down and wait for a official response from the devs. I mean come on, no dev/publisher would do something this stupid, even Wargaming doesn't have anything this bad.

Just like corvettes people just haven't played the game long enough to learn how to counter the double heal cheese strategy.

Another problem with the current system is how do you add new ships and upgrades to the game. Do keep moving the finish line so that a year or so down the road you have 100 plus levels to grind through, or do you add upgrades to the current 50 levels and run the risk of players who are max level getting bored?

I would rather see some sort of token system where every level you get to chose what upgrades you want, this way new players don't have a mountain to climb and old players always have something to work toward.

Like i said earlier in the thread we should have access to every ship day one in the form of a trader ship or maybe do you Mech warrior online/ league of legends system and rotate out trader ships every so often.

Jeslis#8939 posted (#post-28233)

Agreed with OP - need 'getting hit' sounds .. and they need to be SUPER high priority, especially if its alot of damage really fast (READ: CORVETTES)

The thing is that could be argued to be a nerf to corvettes and maybe the Devs don't want that. Anything that augments your situational awareness is indirectly (or maybe directly?) a nerf to anything that requires the element of surprise to be effective.

Just wait tell you run into a team that's running double Tac Cruiser and your team doesn't want to push, then you will see this game can be really slow at times.

I will concede the point that its alright that upgrades are locked behind a progression wall (at least tell i have had more time to think about it) but locking ships is just silly. At least give us a trader ship for every ship in the game, not just one of each class. Also just some food for thought if you really want to stretch the meaning of Pay to Win you could argue that Hero ships are P2W considering they give new players more options for ships then a F2P user.

Blackhound#7645 posted (#post-28252)

I farm Corvettes in my Aion for team victories. Often they get the point and quit to play some other kind of ship...

That gave me an idea for some next level mind games. Take two different Tac Cruiser loadouts, one for anti corvette and one for healing. Use the anti corvette to make their life miserable tell they switch off, then you can suicide and switch over to the healer loadout.

I see no harm in making the launchers smarter, i hardly see people using them anyway so a small buff like wouldn't hurt.

Skyfaller#2917 posted (#post-28222)

The controls are probably because the game is being designed for console not pc. I had to use voice attack to macro the move forward key to save myself from carpal tunnel and broken phalanges.

Wait, pressing the "W key" is to hard for you? Hold i need to go write that down, that's a new one.