Not to be the "git good" guy but your hit point are 2 inches away from your crosshair, its not that hard to keep a eye on it. If you are loosing your hitpoints that fast you probably overextended or you have a corvette that has taken a liking to you. One tip i do have is that shields are your friend, once you start to get focused make sure to turn your shields on, using energy for damage doesn't help you when you're dead.

Take it with a grain of salt but i was talking with a level designer in twitch chat a couple days ago who said they were working on a objective game mode, didn't give much in the way of details so no idea what the objective is but (i think) he said it will not be a conquest game mode.

Has for the healing problem why don't we give it some time, the game has been in closed beta for less then a week. I say we just give players some time to come up with a counter, maybe there is some mid/high level upgrade or combination of upgrades that make it really easy to break a defensive team.