The person below me spends 4+ hours a day gaming.

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Welcome Sir,

Seems I'm the only one who wants to fly the Fat Boy Dreadnought ;) look forward to having you cover me in the Artillery Cruiser.


Ha, I'd love to fly the Fatboy too but I love sniping just a little bit more. Its a ton of fun being the tank in any situation especially if you're getting healed/repaired.

Double fun if you can master warp outting on top of some unsuspecting chump

So, I'm seeing a large amount of speculation here on the forums about ship upgrades and component replacement. From the Pax demo, the game did not seem to be facing that direction. Seemed more like Nosgoth, where you have classes, and can swap the 1-4 abilities for others, preset to each class. Classes in this case being types of ship (i.e. destroyer, dreadnought, etc.) Personally, I hope it's just abilities that get swapped out, rather than parts of the ship (engines, weapons, etc.) Keeping this type of game simpler should make it easier to keep it balanced, and put more emphasis on player skill, rather than meta-game ship building.

Can we get any clarification on what features will be locked versus able to be customized?

@Selerox Well said.

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I'd like to have some sort of specific skin for your ships if they plan to have skins, something bigger than a decal that people from a distance could see it.

I was thinking something a little more subtle because I don't want to be a prime target for them artillery cruisers hahaha ;)

Don't worry. Dreadnoughts will always be the prime target for artillery, skin or no skin. =D

1600mm artillery pieces? 16 meters? That's a heck of an arty piece that's probably more at home banging away at planets than another ship lol. That would be pretty wild to see and with enough velocity could just break a Dreadnought into pieces without much effort.

1.6 meters. You left out Decimeters , didn't you? It's okay if you did. No one uses them for anything anyway.

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Just wait i am sure us who are active on the forum will be some of the first people picked to alpha/beta test.

We can only hope.

I got the same shirt on Friday for winning my first game, but they stopped doing that by mid day I think. Mine isn't signed though =/

That's a bit more ambitious than anything I had in mind, bit if you think you have a working exit strategy...

Just kidding,

but getting together for some gaming/ chatting would be cool.

I feel ya. I'm always late to the party and miss the chance to be a part of the central community. This game absolutely makes me want to be part of it from the ground up.

Welcome to the party, Tasty.