... the servers are not empty, the playerbase has been pretty constant and usually if you queue for a game you will find one in a reasonable amount of time. Also I doubt that the playerbase will rise no matter what's going to happen, as there is no marketing done by greybox and the dev team was reduced to a minimum.

I actually find it surprising that the playerbase isn't declining, most small multiplayer games I know don't manage to do that.

The playerbase has been pretty constant for more than a year on PC. So no, there isn't that massive playerloss because of corvettes.

Also nobody forces you to play in legendary. If you can't handle the players there then just stay in veteran until you feel that you are good enough for the challenge. Furthermore you can farm free xp and T4 ships until you have a full fleet with decent modules.

Corvettes are not OP by any means, in squad vs squad battles corvettes are by far the least played class cause the players will know how to play as a team, stay together and communicate. At that point corvettes just become free kills. But even in a 1 vs 1 situation with players of equal skill there are so many counters that will give you an easy upper hand when defending. The people who complain the most about corvettes are either of completely different skill level or they refuse to equip counter modules or even change ship class. The amount of full healers with not a single counter module against corvettes who just keep dying and complaining is ridiculous.

I agree with Fluffy, the change of available tiers in veteran hurt legendary a lot. Yes, in the past players had to face fully equipped T4s in veteran and they therefore had a mayor disadvantage, however while the loadout differences were significant the skill differences were not. The players playing their T4s in veteran had considerably less experience than legendary players and for the most part were still grinding OBs, modules and ships themself. An experienced veteran player had maybe hundred of more hours than a new veteran player but not thousands of hours. Also you could grind and learn how to use all the modules and OBs in veteran before you went up to legendary where you had to face all the high skill players in squads who played the game more competitively than casual.
Now the situation in very different when you want to move from veteran to legendary. Not only are you faced with a lot of new modules and OBs where you have no idea how to counter them, but you are also faced with players who have played thousands of games more than youself and they also often play in squads with an attitude to win and not with an attitude to grind. Furthermore you have to play quite a lot of games where you are getting stomped until you can finally unlock the OBs und modules you need.

In a sense the problem just switched from veteran to legendary however the magnitude is just completely different. Yes the players in the past had to face T4s with better loadouts in their T3s but these T4s were not fully equipped for the most part, yes these T4 players had more experience but that difference wasn't thousands of hours and they were not so much interested in winning but rather in grinding.
Now in legendary you are facing players in your T4 with T3 modules, a huge experience gap, little to no OBs, and probably you only have one ship in your fleet. The divergence is just too high in legendary at so many levels.

Brother Belial#4215 posted (#post-224428) said:

Ortis#6925 posted (#post-224426) said:

I agree that bots should be removed in legendary. I'd rather have one less palyer than a bot. I also would rather have a 6vs6 than a 8vs8 with two bots on each side. This would not increase queue times.

I have had a lot of legendary matches where one team obviously lost because the other team was farming bots.

But that would mean if there was an odd number of people waiting for a match then the odd one out wouldn't get in to a match. Meaning the person can't play legendary at all with the change you want. Hardly fair on people who want to play. Also make it a "rule" in legendary not to farm bots? Could help.

I don't really get your point. If there are 17 people in queue right now then one cannot play too and if it is 15 people then one team has a bot which has no chance against legendary players and will just be farmed. But as I said I wouldn't mind to play 7vs6 or 8vs7 even if I am on the team with fewer players, because at least the other team can't farm my teams bots. Furthermore if someone queues later while the game is running he could still join the running game. Right now this isn't possible because bots occupy the spots and you will only join running games if additional players are leaving.

At least give the team a votekick option for the bot, so each team can decide if they would rather have the bot in their team or a free spot.

Another way would be to decrease the points the team gets for killing a bot, e.g.: in tdm you get 4 points for a playerkill but only 1 point for a botkill. However, I find the other options more attractive.

I agree that bots should be removed in legendary. I'd rather have one less palyer than a bot. I also would rather have a 6vs6 than a 8vs8 with two bots on each side. This would not increase queue times.

I have had a lot of legendary matches where one team obviously lost because the other team was farming bots.

I agree with everything Reclaimer said, also the color corrected picture of Hootorez looks a lot better imo.

While I don't think the skybox bouncing is an OP tactic, I would still like to see it removed as it is a very unnatural movment and looks more like a bug than intended

I am not talking abut changing the minimap to a full scale map (like in conquest) but rather have a key (like "m") that shows you the whole map on your whole screen. Many games have that option, maybe I should have been more clear in my post.

The video is one of the first videos on the official dreadnought youtube channel, not sure if closed beta or even older (I just copy-pasted the link and it worked). The minimap in the video shows the map terrain which I consider the most important feature compared to the one we have now, which pretty much is just dark-blue nothingness.

1) I agree

2) I disagree. I think this would make it too easy for healers and too hard for flankers/surprise attacks.

3) I agree

4) I agree, a full scale map where you can see your allies and spotted enemies would be nice. Also I want this minimap back:

Jawayne#8001 posted (#post-222834) said:

As long as the briefing Desperate Measures is in the game, you want to die. So thats currently a big part of the game design.

But yes, I would vote for 30s respawn timers. Or maybe more, since it is annoying when you use all your cds to defend against a ship, kill it, and bam they are back right beside you with all their cds ready while you cannot defend yourself.

I agree.

Maybe link longer respawn times to Desperate Measures, like when you want to spawn with a ship that has DM you have to wait additional 10 seconds. Other OBs have disadvantages as well so I guess that would be ok.