It's kinda funny, this pops up all the time. I want to play Koshei but Dola is awful. I think this game has some ships that play very differently from the rest of their class. For example Jutland, Dola, Palos and heavy corvettes. The heavy corvette took me the longest to understand, but now I love to play it.
The Dola is pretty good, but it doesnt have many good builds. I used it very effectively as a secondary tank and support ship. So like a TAC you stay with the main dreadnought and his healer. This means you get also healing love, but are for most players not a primary target if you stay behind. Modules that are useful are energy generator and weaponbooster pulse. If you are under fire you can use energy for shields and when the dread gets pummeled you can use energy to weapons and booster pulse to help taking down enemies. Also you can guard and flak corvettes trying to kill the TAC. Or you might be able to move to the enemies TAC and flak it out. But this needs a lot of situational judgment. It is a good ship when there is teamplay, but if it's easy prey with suicidal chicken running around. The T4 "Blud" is a monster, and i had several matches with 15+ kills and 0 to few deaths. You can basically tank using energy generator, tanky briefings and your shield up with a healer support. You can fly up to a jutland and flak it in the face and there is nothing it can do.

I think to improve the ship design, one could either make the main gun more accurate and a precise long range gun out of it. Or go the opposite way and basically keep the range, but make a shotgun out of it by dramatically increasing the number of projectiles.
By just keeping the number of projectiles, but making them more accurate, you have basically 2 times the same gun on the same ship, just with different sounds and colors. So not much gained there. A shotgun would by quite nice as perimeter defense against little bugs, but also push a lot of damage after target warp.

I also use target warp in my koshei, but babysitting the jutland is not fair to the rest of the team i would say.
But this discussion is drifting off a bit.
The point is that the jutland has sort of a pointless main weapon and only works with a few module combos. Whereas other ships can be played much more creatively by trying out module and OB combos. But for jutland its kinda always the same, and i think its main weapon is a reason for that too. Its neither strong, nor accurate nor has good range... So it doesnt really give the ships main weapon a niche in the game. It basically combines the worst features in a very specific ship config.
Thats what mean with boring. When you see a jutland its quite clear what you have to expect, no surprise builds there. Only surprising player skills or surprising behavior of your team to it (normally inexperience with the jutland).
I mean i also have a warp build, but ya its not the ship closest to my heart...

I still think a slow fire longe range weapon would break the ship the least. And it basically does not change close combat builds as it is basically a weak arty in close combat. So people will rely on repeaters and broadside there. It would make it also a unique ship with both long range and close range capabilities. Now its an oversized corvette with target warp. :-D
I mean one could just patch in an additional main weapon module and see what works for players as an experiment . This combo would make it at least more interesting in non warp builds. The jutland is ok to hop around and stress out the enemy, but i feel that it has so much health because TACs cant keep up with the warping, rather than being used as a bulldozer tank.
But everyone has their favorite playstyle, so opinions might differ. I find the ship a bit boring in its current design...

The problem is that without the warp drive you will never be where the action is, so you can't tank or generate pressure if they just ignore you. And the nuclear carrier is more of a heavily armored nuclear missile silo than a tank, especially without warp jump.
So in the end your module 4 is hardcoded, which makes it a pretty boring ship to try out different playstyles, such as a real heavy tank that pushes forward unstoppably.
The main two things i see ingame is the hit and run jutland that randomly pops up and kills soft targets or the nuke or carrier platform. Both doesnt really feel like an unstoppable machine, but rather specialized heavy armored ships.
The akula vector dread feels much more like a fire spitting deathmachine that pushes ahead with armor amp. With retaliator and ballistic broadside your are basically on autofire mode.
I think the best thing is to give the jutland sth like a single shot ballista main gun that is a bit less accurate but can suppress at long range. Then the slow speed is not such a problem anymore. The you can slowly move ahead while dishing out damage from afar like a real battleship could do.
Now if you died and spawn without warp jump, you wont really matter for a while until you are back in the game.
The jutland just feels like a poorly designed spaceship imho... Heavy armor without purpose...

I think with ARTIES you have to change the playstyle in veteran. In Rookie you just stay behind at the edge and shoot at anything. But that leaves you pretty defenceless. In higher games I stay close to the fleet and TAC with the arty. Corvettes will have a hard time surviving broadsides when coming close to the fleet.

Also what works pretty well against most corvettes (except pros) is when they come up behind you to push "dive maneuver" to get out of their line of fire and then use "bomb catapult" from below and whack them.

Also arties with energy to weapons and a steady hand can shoot down corvettes pretty well from afar.

The most important thing is TEAMPLAY TEAMPLAY TEAMPLAY, which makes it very easy for corvettes when it is absent from the team. A tight formation makes it hard for them to get in and out alive, and a dred with stasis pulse and broadside makes it a suicide mission...

Ya also have the feeling that my fan is working quite a bit during matchmaking wait time...

Or alternatively you could spend a bit of time understanding the ships strengths and weaknesses. I played it more like a dred and supported the main dred together with the TAC by constantly dishing out damage at everything coming too close. So that worked pretty well for me. And the T4 Blud is one of my favorite ships, and there i get pretty often kills beyond 10 with 0 deaths or maybe 1 or 2.

Its not a ship for fast rambo-style flank attacks, but more a ship for teamplay...

He could have used "adrenaline shot" which gives you energy when healed or when you heal. So the damage he gets healed gets turned into energy for him. I have it on my dred, and when you get healed well, it works quite nicely.

I feel the same lately, I have all ships on T4 and those matches where half is T2 and the other half are T4 are just the worst. Sucks the joy out of the game...

It is just a race of which team can kill more T2s to win. It even sucks when you are winning, because it is just no fun to play.

You can't have any tactical approach, because the T2 destroyers just rush off to die, or the T2s have never seen a Vindicta or a Jutland and shoot the perma-healed Dred for 3 minutes straight hoping something magical will happen.

You can ignore this stuff at lower tiers as you still progress, but at T4 you just waste battle readiness on those seal-clubbing rounds and just feel you wasted your lifetime seeing inexperienced players being shot to pieces. I don't see any reason why T2s should be anywhere near T4s. A good T3 player might survive being mixed into a T4 match, but T2 is just a joke...

This will sooner or later drive players away. And I doubt that people will spend money to be competitive at all. I think they will rather quit. So if this is a strategy for keeping the micro-transactions running, I doubt it will work in the long run...

I would pay for more maps or new ship tech trees or sth. But not to be competitive, but maybe there are enough people out there that do, so who knows...