MrCardoso#1962 posted (#post-29864)

Just bare with them, think that you wait 3 hours, but you save loads more when it's fixed by playing and playing!

Personally I would much rather know that the server will be down for X hours, then sit here trying over and over to get a match without success for that same time period.

MDDonnergott#2941 posted (#post-29803)

So what is this "CLOSED BETA" about? Looking how hard the grind is so you change the price back? Or is it about bug/exploit finding?

Don't you guys think that you should change prices depending how fast/easy people are able to get better ships when you got more relevant data?

Price changes should be done after an open beta phase with fully priced ships!

And also when the servers are actually working!!!

Well the closed beta tests the market as well as evaluates the cash/xp grind, but even with that being the case I don't think they should changes the prices back to normally until a a few days after the matchmaking is fixed.

They are taking the servers down for 3 hours to work on the matchmaking

EmptyTuxedo#3505 posted (#post-29771)

We will be entering a three hour maintenance window from 4 PM CDT to 7 PM CDT to address matchmaking not properly putting users into battles, infinite queue times, and establishing Market prices back to their normal values.

More info coming soon!

Any chance you could leave the market prices alone until the matchmaking is fixed?

It's hard to take advantage of the pricing when you can't get in a match to level up. smile

SphereJargon#4521 posted (#post-27548)

I could be wrong but I believe the login servers and the matchmaking servers are on the same system. When matchmaking fails to find a group after say 3 minutes restart the search. If it continues people start reporting login issues and the servers get restarted. This is closed closed beta afterall guys

I have to agree about the 3 minute and restart comment, I have yet to find a match leaving it searching for longer then that, even left it got for an hour a couple times just to test it and nothing.

Mikessnow#3881 posted (#post-27845)

In games were my team has lost, I noticed they had two supports or just one but we had no corvettes to take them/it out so it can be tough for the team like you said in a situation against a camp were the other team have area of effect healing pods and constant heals in cover. Rings of Saturn seems the "worst" in them situations even though its a good map for corvettes but I'm always the Captain so I never want to switch out from a big ship to corvette so it's really hoping your team can do the job, team play or die I suppose.

And that's the rub, if no one wants to switch to a small ship and heal their team, yourself included, you will likely not do well.

Diogenes#7851 posted (#post-29752)

I think the only issue people want solved is the server bugs that make matchmaking hellish. I haven't played a game in a day and a half, not for lack of trying.

I have to agree, until matchmaking issues are resolved anything else is just a waste of time.

cronic#0960 posted (#post-29715)

How do we know if it's a bug or extreme lack of people in Q? If there's hardly anybody playing this game Matchmaker cannot get a game going due to not enough players.

Due to developers not responding is concerning

In the devs defense they have responded about issues repeatedly, but we can't expect them to personally respond to every post complaining about an issue, or even every thread on an issue

I love this game, but absolutely HATE the problem with matchmaking.

I understand betas are bound to have issues, and while not being able to start a game is annoying, being able to start it only to sit looking at the screen forever trying to get a match it even worse. I've been connected for almost two hours today and so far have only successfully got into two matches.

blindcow#7285 posted (#post-29600)

Unfortunately my Launcher is starting .. but the game not ... wtf happen .. before it was working ..

Try moving the movies, as mentioned above, I was going to a black screen after pressing the play dreadnought button on the launcher and moving the vids fixed that, and it saves you having to see them each time you restart.