...or if we are really looking for a clean slate: Dreadnought 2

That might also explain my positive experience. The PS4 Community is fairly young, and I imagine that a lot of PC Vets might not like the idea of starting from scratch

@Shocknfunk That's an idea. I feel like even that would be a possibility with enough interest from newplayers

As a new player (PS4, but new nonetheless) I haven't found Corvettes to be too daunting. That being said I favor Destroyers and Nukes of all stripes so YMMV?

Que times average 5 - 10 Min during the afternoon and evening on US East Coast time, though it's a wasteland in the mornings.

I'm really delighted with the potential that this game has, and hope that the Developers start taking it seriously again.

Hello All,

I've begun to regularly enjoy Elimination Mode, and love that even after your ship is destroyed You can continue to participate in the battle in a variety of strike craft.

Though the Dreadnought Wiki goes over the four types of fighters, it really doesnt go in to any detail on how best to employ them in support of your Team.

Any Thoughts?


Hello All,

I'm one of the recent influx of PS4 Gamers, and new to Dreadnought. Hope to see you in the skies of Sinley Bay

Blue Comet S

I'm just getting into the game on the PS4, and am enjoying it to the point that I've bought some vanity items just to support the developers. I absolutely love the game, and hope that it has a future. I only recently found out that Team Elimination and Havoc were only active on PS4, and I hope that they remain so because both modes add something unique to the gameplay experience.