The data they give me is the data they give me. ¯\(ツ)

I'm not allowed to use stuff from datamining and they haven't posted anything in regards to fire rates in patch notes so that is the most up to date I can share :/

Fire Rate data has been added to weapons and overall data updated to patch v1.0.3

Yeah I've been around these parts for a while so I know their stance on most things; cough cough I run the subreddit and discord server cough cough smile

The data is from a spreadsheet the devs sent a few of us a while ago for a wiki but never had time to post it anywhere. There are a few things missing that I will be adding later (such as fire rate). As it says in the top of the post the data values were last updated April 8th so they are not updated to the most recent patch notes. I will be working on updating it later this weekend but I just wanted to get the basic formatting down first.

Hey all! I know people have been wanting actual numbers for ship stats so I finally finished compiling the information in a public location. Check out the reddit for all of the data! Cheers!

Dreadnought Reddit: Ship Numerical Stats Data

UPDATE: The devs will be reverting the changes! Thank you for all of the community support in regards to this issue!

Dear Dreadnought, we have to talk.

Your decision to change the type of currency used to purchase ‘Officer Briefings’ is flying in the face of every statement you have made in the past year. Just in last week’s ‘Dev Stream’ you promised the game would never be pay to win.

Your decision to change the Briefings to GP only was unexpected, poorly executed, and the statement of intent was not taken seriously because when it was announced several developers from both sides of the aisle made contradicting statements.

We believe that essentially pay walling ‘Officer Briefings’ constitutes a “Pay2Win” scenario as it drastically changes the balance of power between the haves and have nots.

Your response so far has only increased our fears. You stated this was merely a test to gauge what would be accepted by the community regarding monetization. While we do understand that without income the game cannot be funded and would surely die, you must understand that paying for any gameplay affecting elements with hard currency only is a red line for a very large group of players.

The second part of your statement in regards to players being able to gain ‘GP’ through gameplay is even worse; these are tactics used by many a cash grabbing F2P game that either use a single currency or grant you a “taste” of hard currency on various occasions to hook you in. We would not want to see this system implemented at all since we see it as a major detriment to both the open and competitive nature of Dreadnought.

This entire ordeal has cost you the trust of the large parts of the community and sadly has already caused key community members to abandon the game completely or suspend their work on all community projects such as guides, tournaments, game wiki and more.

Many of these who already expressed their intention to abandon the game are key community members. Both elected and unelected community leaders and shapers. And also those who both help grow the community and usher in new players. Your decisions on both the matter and your response to it has made them lose faith that Dreadnought would be truly great.

We ask for these changes to be immediately reverted until further discussion in a constructive manner with the community. The situation is too volatile currently and many of us feel that we cannot or should not participate in the discussion as long as the change is in place and affect new and current members.

We want Dreadnought to succeed and many of us have already invested money into your game. We did so largely on the promise of it never having any P2W elements. Dreadnought has the potential to be truly great and competitive game.

We as a community cannot stand by as you introduce P2W and Paywall elements into the game no matter how subtle or insignificant you might think they are.


The Dreadnought Community

We are asking the community to reply with “/sign” if you agree to the statements made above.

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From Tux's post:

"These items will return to their normal prices at official launch of Closed Beta on Friday when the floodgates truly open"

It is not yet supported from what I know, and from looking at my system usage monitor. When/if it will be implemented the devs have not said.

The NDA drops Friday so feel free to stream it after that if you are not an approved pre-closed beta streamer!