Would love to start working on a Wiki or something when we have more information about the game!

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I was going to do some stuff with the Dreadnought logo, and your render save me a lot of time =D

No problem! Can't wait to see what people do with it!

Made a simple rendering of the Dreadnought logo for people to use, download on my deviantart here!

I was shocked when they said it would be free to play as I would have more than gladly spent money for this game but it would be even better if there was a collectors edition statue, maybe 5 different CE versions so you could choose your favorite ship? I would love an Artillery Cruiser sitting on my shelf!

Played 12 games at PAX East, only every played the Artillery Cruiser, I think you can guess which is my favorite ;)

First a little background:

I attended all 3 days of PAX East and played 2 games Saturday and 10 games Sunday only every playing the Artillery Cruiser (yes I spent all 8 hours of Sunday at the Grey Box booth to get in 10 games). My best game was 15 / 0 with most games averaging around the 12 / 2 mark. While waiting in line I taught a lot of people the ins and outs of the what I had learned so far.

Here are my thoughts on the Artillery Cruiser:

To those who are new to the game going up against an experienced Artillery Cruiser may seem futile, and it might be. Dreadnought, like any other multiplayer game, has a learning curve, those who are experienced with any sort of sniping class from other shooters will have the upper hand when it comes to the Artillery Cruiser. However, if you cannot accurately lead a target and hit your mark you will suffer immensely. On top of that the ship movement and physics in Dreadnought will be new to most people as there are not many Spaceship shooters on the market right now.

Do I think the Artillery Cruiser is "overpowered"?

In the 12 games I was able to get in at PAX I would have to say no. I spectated many games while waiting in line and watched many people suffer as the Artillery Cruiser and switch to another ship.

How to play:

As the Artillery Cruiser you have immense power from long range. The drawback is that you have to have insane accuracy while aiming at smaller ships from such a long distance and learn to lead your shots. This is all part of the learning curve of the ship. When you first start learning how to lead your targets try and go for the Destroyer ship as it is larger than the Corvette and Tactical Cruiser but has less health than the Dreadnought. If you are still having trouble hitting targets try moving closer to the center of the map. Once you've learned to lead a little better you can then start going after the smaller ships and staying back at longer ranges. It will be hard at first but as you train yourself you will start to dominate the map.

How to counter:

I was only able to be countered in a few games, but I was in fact countered. The easiest way to counter an Artillery Cruiser is to play the Corvette (Scout). Find the position on the map that the Artillery Cruiser is and look for who they are shooting at. Once you find that drop down as low as you can on the map and make your way around to the sides of the Artillery Cruiser, using your cloak if needed. Once close enough come up from below and BAM you have yourself one easy kill. The only way I was able to counter their sneak attacks was to have my friend keep tabs on where the Corvette was at all times and call out when he was coming my way so I could use the Energy Management Thrusters to run away and turn on him.