I'm sorry to hear you haven't gotten an invite yet :/ I know it stinks but just stick it out and one will come your way soon.

The fresh register one-posters are people who either signed up at a convention or signed up for the beta but never made a forum account since it is not required when you sign up.

Yes, the information emails sent out are minimum. If you spam of notification emails annoys you though you can turn those off. The notification emails are automatically turned on as default so go to your profile edit page and below the signature box un-check the "Automatically subscribe to topics that you answer". Then under Forum Settings click the "Unsubscribe From All" button.

+1 for using my post smile

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Merchandising Merchandising! Dreadnought the T-Shirt, Dreadnought the lunch box, Dreadnought the breakfast cereal! Dreadnought the flame-thrower!


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smile well well well,and he is back..Like the Akula,reappeared in the skies,to bring nuclear death to the fools smile

I never left my friend, just lurking smile


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See what happens now?i would love to like your comment,but instead i have to comment about it,which is pointless,cause i dont have anything else to add..I think i'll retype my post title though to point that bug i think i found.

Yeah see I like your reply to my comment too but I can't like your comment so I have to comment on your comment about how I like you liking my comment that was liking your comment. It's a vicious never ending cycle...

I would also like to see a "like" button as well!

I wouldn't say that exactly. True the forums are silent from the usual crowd of people since the devs are still in a dark mode but once things get rolling with alpha and beta it will get lively again. There's no sense in sitting on the forums with nothing happening now is there?

Darkloser pretty much summed it up nicely though there's one or two things I'd like to chime in on.

Regarding Marketing:


The devs have been on top of marketing as best they can for a game that's only in pre-alpha. Like you said with Star Citizen they don't want to hype it up so much that they cannot deliver so it's smart to keep it contained for now. They have been at PAX East, PAX South, and Gamescom this year alone and have more conventions planned for 2016. I would definitely expect more marketing come beginning of next year as the game rolls out into closed and eventually open beta.

Edit: Also wanted to note they did have professional game casters at the conventions shoutcasting the matches being played. They also invited Twitch and YouTubers to stream on their own channels at the conventions.

Regarding Their Dark Mode


As said already the devs were intentionally in "dark mode" this past month and that's understandable. First off the game is only in pre-alpha so there is a lot of work to do. My best guess is that the community management side of the team were more focused on QA as we all know early game development has many many bugs to test. Second, and this is not to be rude to anyone in the community, but since testing has been going on a lot of the more prominent community members have been silent on the public forums. There is a fine and sometimes blurred line between what is public knowledge and what is learned from testing and best not to chance breaking an NDA. Not to mention most if not all publicly known knowledge about the game are already posted around the forums so there is not a lot to currently talk about.

Pre-Release Tournaments


While the devs have already said multiple times that they plan to support an e-sports community around this game I wouldn't expect a pre-release tournament held by the companies themselves. As DarkLoser said they are a "small" developer comparatively and initial resources are best spent elsewhere. There are already a lot of us that would love to take this game to a competitive level so I would just keep an eye out as release gets closer. Who knows, if the devs themselves don't someone else might hold a tournament smile

Anywhoo, welcome to the forums Dr_Chops! I hope to see you around in other discussions!