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I'd love this idea. Also I can point out WoW's LFR system has the same sort of thing. You can queue up for multiple things at once and when one pops your other queues are put on hold, not canceled. When you finish that instance you are put back into the other queues with the total time since you queued up. What this allows is a player to enter an instance, complete it, and almost instantly be put into another one that would otherwise take another X amount of time to wait. This sort of multi-queuing could be super useful in Dreadnought if some game modes are less popular than others.

While on the topic of queuing, it would be also nice to have a "Random Game Mode" queue option. That could also help out with less-popular game modes getting more players in them.

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We currently have plans to be at PAX East. It'll be a big show. We'll also be at PAX South in January for those of you who don't already know. smile

Whoo!!! Thanks Tamat! Can't wait!

So now that PAX East 2016 tickets are on sale, do the developers plan to be at PAX East this coming year?

Welcome to the team Tamat! Glad to have you aboard and happy birthday! o7

I don't think as of yet there are charged weapons in the game but I could see the Artillery Cruiser main weapon have some variant of a charged shot; would be a cool idea.

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No offence but shouldn't those kind of threads be closed up?

In my opinion it should be but technically no as it's not against the NDA to say you are part of testing. It's just kind of a $hit move to brag about getting a key.

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Well i ment just for the alpha testers ;D

Unfortunately the channel is public so that doesn't change anything lol. Maybe if GreyBox makes their own private one that makes it easier for alpha testers to chat.

If you are in the Alpha testing you are under an NDA and should not be talking about it with other people.

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Good place to talk about the experience we gather with the alpha^^