If any ps4 gamers want a better control interface please say something here. We CAN get the devs attention if its a big enough issue for everyone. Most of the controls are fine but the energy wheel needs to change

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I am not sure about what is this I have to say. Because the bonus is for reason you play different fleets. But if you want play Onslaught just play it. Only one time you will have bonus and second time without bonus after that again you will have bonus and not. I do not understand what you're complaining about. if you want play with bonus all the time you have to play different fleets, for example one match VET after LEG then VET etc. If you played Dreadnought before you could have maintenance and that was really Evil. System today about battle bonus is Great.

What i was trying to say is if the battle bonus was game mode specific instead of fleet specific, you can play more high tier matches without waiting after every match for the battle bonus. The wait time would be specific to the match type you previously played, as well as the tier played. Lets see if i can explain.

You just finished playing team deathmatch with your veteran fleet. Now, the battle bonus is time locked for team deathmatch in veteran. You can still play team deathmatch with the other tiers for a battle bonus. You can also still get a battle bonus for your veteran fleet, so long as its not team deathmatch. Only THAT game mode would be time locked, not the entire fleet.

Instead of swapping between tiers while waiting, you swap game types.

TEAM DEATHMATCH: RECRUIT-Battle bonus! VETERAN- 7m 56s or 1500cr LEGENDARY -Battle bonus!

ONSLAUGHT: RECRUIT-Battle bonus! VETERAN-Battle bonus! LEGENDARY -Battle bonus!


The battle bonus cooldown should be changed. If you're trying to gain players they should be able to PLAY. If its to reduce traffic in the servers, make the cooldown game mode specific instead. For example, you play a game of onslaught in veteran, now you have to wait the 7 minutes to play another onslaught match, but you can still play the other game modes and get the bonus. This would encourage players to play different match types, ease server traffic, and allow players to enjoy playing higher tier games.

Yes, put it on the d-pad, its more important than the scoreboard! As for swapping between primary fire types or reloading THE ONLY OTHER D-PAD CONTROLS, put them as L3 and R3, cliking down on the sticks. The rest of the controls are ok, but that energy wheel needs to change. Scoreboard and short command wheel are unimportant, put them on the touchpad.

The touchpad wasnt designed to be a main control surface. Its a menu scroller for things like pause menus or world maps.

Not everyone has a chance to team up against it either. With only having 3 player squads you're left with random players that may or may not know how to work together. Some players even jump in solo and have to hope they're placed with decent teammates. But even with a full, strong team and coordinated assaults, these medical jugs can stop that assault dead, while the enemy tears your team up. The only tactic i've been able to use is suicide rush between them while my friends kill the cut off tac cruiser. I die fairly quickly but it breaks the bubble just long enough to kill one.

What if they were hidden, high speed cruisers like a Corvette? They'd be hidden from the radar and HUD, but be easy enough for someone to kill should they be lucky enough to spot them. Basically a moving drop crate

I've been having issues recently with connecting to and playing games on the ps4 servers. Although both my internet and ps4 have full signal strength, the game will have difficulty connecting at startup, and during gameplay it will lag out, causing ships to jump around the map, weapons to lock up, and freezing my ship in place. In one match i was forced to wait through the last half as i was stuck in game after being destroyed, I couldn't respawn and remained frozen, only able to watch as ships destroyed eachother.

Before this i never had any issues. I only had minor problems loading custom visuals on my ships pre-battle. A simple swap between several ships brings them up. The game never really crashed aside from periodically after battle, an issue you've already been working on, however now its become extremely difficult for me to play at all. I can play any other online game without problems, and my system and internet are 100% connection, so I'm pretty positive thats not the issue. Has anyone else had similar issues? Because i can only explain it as a game problem.

It would be interesting to have an interface allowing players to make unique visual upgrades to their ship, rather than choose from a preset and limited selection. Some visual upgrades should also be available for standard credits instead of GP. Here's my idea for what players should be able to customize, Their cost, and what it does

COATING PATTERN - players can choose one of several preset coating patterns, which can have custom colours. 1000gp or 100,000 credits each

COLOUR WHEEL- players can choose the colours for their ships coating, primary, secondary, and detail. 500gp or 50,000 credits each time used

DECAL EDITOR- an interface allowing players to use preset shapes to create unique decal images. Preset shapes can be streched or skewed to allow players to create a multitude of designs. 2000gp or 200,000 credits per saved design.

Once a player has finished their customization, they can save it as a custom coating, and custom decal. Players can have up to 10 saved coatings, and 5 saved decals. Decals could be used on any ships, while coatings would be class and model specific like their standard counterparts. When a player has saved a coating, it will remain as a purchased coating for the player to swap to and from at any time, same with the decals,however players would have to pay to edit them again, or to make a new coating or decal.

Players would only have to pay once they save their selection from any of these menus. Once saved, it will remain saved in their customization menu, same as any standard coating or decal. Having the option to pay with either credits or gp gives everyone a chance to use these customization features, even if it takes a little grinding. It also lets players stand out from each other, and make their ships unique to them

A simple idea for how to get more players in queues, Dreadnought clubs would be simple online groups. Each club would have a specific time of day when they play, suiting their daily schedules, and players can join into these clubs based on the times they would regularly play as well. Each club could have subdivisions for each game difficulty, recruit, veteran, and legendary, and players could use these clubs to set up game times with other players. Players could use these clubs as an online chatroom, and set up games with the other club members, discuss topics, find squadmates, and anything else!

If the idea takes off, every club member could enter a contest between their clubs. Players could submit custom designs for a decal and/or emblem for their clubs, and the top choice would be developed into the game. Players could also submit unique colour schemes (coatings) for their clubs, with the top choice being developed in as well.

Players wouldn't be forced to play specifically within the time zones of these clubs, and would be able to join any number of them, these clubs would simply be the best way to find other players online within those time zones. It would also serve as a place for players to chat with each other, and maybe make a few allies. The devs could even incorporate it into the main hub, showing how many players are online in each club at that time, and linking players to those clubs' chatrooms should they click on them in that menu. There would be a limit of 3 developer made clubs, each covering 8 hours of the day. Players can make their own clans within those clubs,with specific times as to when they play. The three main clubs cover morning, afternoon, and overnight.

Practically EVERY online game is a grind. From smaller games like this all the way to triple A titles like Grand Theft Auto. Part of the reason for this is to keep players interested in the game. If you could get everything in the game in less than a month's time, it would get pretty dull in a hurry. Forcing gamers into a 'grind' keeps them playing longer and gives the devs time to build new content for it. Games like this often include real money markets because they know some gamers are impatient and want to have the best stuff right away. They dont force players to buy them, and often the purchased content is no better than the standard, its simply there for people to buy if they want. For a free game like this, thats their ONLY source of income. Your argument would be better used on a game like GTA. Not only is rockstar one of the biggest triple A game industries, they made back the development cost for GTA in the first week of release. When online mode launched, it was an instant cash cow. But now, not only is the game itself the same price as it was 6 years ago, but players are practically forced into a paywall if they want to enjoy the full extent of its online mode. When you have to make a $133usd 'starter pack', and thats not even enough to get anywhere, thats when you know There's a problem.

This game doesnt force players to pay to enjoy ANY of its features. Even the base game itself is free. You can play this game from start to finish without spending a dime on it. Its real money market only features cosmetic items, the 'hero ships' have no more power than their standard base models, and 'elite status' gives you a little boost to your in game earnings. You dont need any of it to enjoy the game.

Remember, this game is about destroying big spaceships, nothing else. If you could upgrade and unlock every ship and module in the game within a month or so, what would be left to the game? What chance would the devs have of keepin gamers interested in playing?